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Chapter 17

study guide

Which of the following drugs may cause tinnitus (ringing in the ear), nausea, and vomiting in children when doeses are greater than 150 mg/kg? Aspirin
Which of the following is a water-souluble vitamin? Vitamin B1 (thiamnie) Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) Vitamin B3 (niacin) Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) Vitamin B7 (biotin) Vitamin B9 (folic acid) Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin)
What is a symptom of extracellular fluid deficit? Lower body temperature
What vitamin is found in dairy products, liver, and fish oils is known as retinol? Vitamin A
What is the primary cation of extracellular fluid? Sodium
What organ maintains the largest stores of fat-soluble vitamins? Liver
In what type of solution are there fewer particles (lower concentration) than contained in body fluids? Hypotonic Solution (Hypertonic= higher particles) (Isotonic= same tonicity)
Which of the following is a recommended or common addition to total parenteral nutrition mixtures? -Sodium -Vitamin B6 -Copper -Insulin
What drug may be used to treat cholinergic agonist-induced bradycardia? Atropine. It blocks vagus nerve stimulation, which slows the heart allowing a sympathetic system to speed the rate
What herbal supplement, sometimes reffered to as "Natures Prozac", is used for mild-to-moderate depression? L-Methylfolate
What characterizes marasmus? It is due to an imbalance of protein and calorie intake and produces growth retardation
What is a sign of malnutrition? anemia, breathing difficulties, increased number of infections, poor wound healing
What term describes a method in which the patient is fed through a vein? Total Parental Nutirtion
Which drug is used to treat extrapyramidal side effects caused by phenothiazines? Cogentin
Which of the following is the leading cause of fatal poisonings in children? -iron tablets -tricyclic antidepressants -calcium -opiates -aspirin -alcohol
Which of the following blood pH levels indicates Acidosis? Blood pH below 7.35 (It's a metobolic condition due to excessive loss of bicarbonate or sodium)
Proportionally, who has the highest amount of body water? An infant
In contrast to two-in-ones, three-in-ones TPN solution They may crack or oil out
A deficiency of Vitamin C may lead to? Scurvy
Which electrolyte has a negative charge? Chloride
What is a complication associated with total parenteral nutrition (TPN)? -Liver toxicity -Acid base imbalance -high serum lipid concentrations -Electrolyte imbalance
Which of the following are fat-soluble vitamins? -Vitamin A (retinol) -Vitmain D (D2, ergocalciferol; D3; cholecalciferol) -Vitamin E -Vitamin K (phytonadione)
What drug is recommended by ACLS guidelines for cardiac emergencies and Code Blue carts? -Atropine -Narcan (naloxon) -Verapamil (isoptin) -Dopamine (intropine)
Which of the following blood pH levels indicate Alkalosis? blood pH above 7.45 (is a metabolic condition due to excessive loss of potassium or chloride and is most often caused by vomiting or diarrhea
What are the five major diseases that occur because of vitamin deficiency? 1) Ketatomalacia-vitamin A, softening of the cornea 2) Rickets-vitamin D, bending of the bones 3)Berineri-vitamin B1, causes polyneuritis, edema, and cardiac problems 4)pellagra- Vitamin C, deramatitis &diarrhea 5) Scurvy- Vitamin C, anemia, ect. .
A deficiency of what vitamin causes osteomalacia? What is osteomalacia? a deficiency in adults, which is the demineralization and weakening of the skeleton caused by vitamin D
How can grapefruit juice affect the pharmacological deposition of many drugs? It effects their metabolism
Which is correct for preparing a TPN solution? Add vitamins just before administration
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