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Canadana :-$

preperation for the social studies

what is Nunavuts capitol? what is the native language Nunavuts capitol is Iqualuit the native language is Inuit
What is the place in Canada where the main language is French Quebec
In Canada where was gold first found? what year. in 1858 gold was found on Vancouver island 2 years later more gold was found in eastern British Columbia.
what is the capitol of Ontario Toronto
what is the tallest freestanding structure in canada... where is it located The CN tower in Toronto
what percentage of Torontos population is Chinese? 10 percent
what bridge seperates Ontario and Quebec? The Macdonald-Cartier Bridge
what is the capitol of Quebec? Quebec!
how did the buffalo die out big men with big guns (Europeans)
name 3 indians tribes that lived in present day Alberta The Cree, Blackfoot, and Chipewyan
what were the native indians not ready for when the Europeans came? the sicknesses they brought
name the 3 provinces that make up the prairie provinces Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan
in the 1700s what nations came to explore present day British Columbia? British, Spanish, and Russiand explorers came in the 1700s to explore British Columbia
who met with the British to trade in present day British Columbia? The Nootka tribe agreed to trade with the british
what industry flourishes today in British Columbia The film industry
what is the economy of present day Atlantic Provinces a Maritime economy (fishing economy)
what fish was banned from fishing in Canada Cod
why don't much people live in the northern territories the land is hard and cold and living is hard
who make up much of the population of Nunavut The inuit
Nunavut was once part of what territory? The NorthWest Territories
Created by: elf111