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African vocab part 2

Africa vocabulary part II

animism The belief that bodies of water, animals, trees, and other natural objects have spirits
apartheid South Africa's government policy of seperation of races that was abandoned in the 1980s and 1990s; apartheid means "apartness"
Berbers members of an ethnic group who are native to North Africa and speak Berber language
Boers Africaner frontier farmers in South Africa
civil war a conflict between two or more groups within a country
dialects a regional variety of a language
dictator a ruler who has almost absolute power
enclaves a small territory surrounded by foreign territory
exclaves a part of a country that is seperated by territory of other countries
fallahin Egytian farmers who own very small plots of land
free port a city in which almost no taxes are placed on goods
griots a west African storyteller
Organization of African Unity an organization that tries to promote cooperation among African countries
sanctions economic or political penalties imposed by one country on another to try to force a change in policy
secede to break away from the main country
Swahili a language widely spoken in areas of Africa near the Indian Ocean (regional language)
townships crowded clusters of small homes in South Africa outside of cities where black South Africans live
the veld open grassland areas in South Africa
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