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Mod 24

Language and Thought

At what age does babbling occur? about 4 months
spoken, written, or signed words and the ways we combine them as we think and communicate. language
is babbling an imitation of adult speech? NO, it includes sounds from various languages, even those not spoken in the household.
Can deaf infants babble? yes, they babble more with their hands when they observe their parents signing.
when can babbling change to the trained ear can identify language? at 10 months
the stage in speech development from about age 1 to 2 during which a child speaks mostly in single words. one-word stage
beginning about age 2, the stage in speech development during which a child speaks mostly two-word statements. two-word stage
early speech stage in which a child speaks like a telgram - " go car" - using mostly nouns and verbs and omitting auxiliary words. telegraphic speech (at 24 months; 2yrs)
What country created thier own Sign Language? Nicaragua's young deaf children- complete with words and intricat
Language develops rapidly into complete sentences by what age? 24 months (2yrs) and up
By what age do you lose the ability to master any language? early years (by about age 7)
Genes (nature)are to design for mechanisms for a language as experience(nuture) is to modifying the brain.
Learning get harder with age- True or False? True; those who arrive to learn a langugage before age 8, learn better than those who arrive later.
linguistic determinsm Whorf's hypothesis that language determines the way we think.
language does/does not determine the way we think? does not- thinking affects our language which affects our thought.
Most native English speakers, including most Americans, are monolingual.
Most native English speakers, including most Americans, are monolingual.
Most humans speak how many languages? most are bilingual or multilingual
the bilingual advantage increased word power
those who learn to read left to right will picture someone pushing from the left.
nondeclarative (procedural) memory a mental picture of how you do it.
watching an activity (like ballet, piano playing) activates the brain's internal simulation
information processing occurs outside of conciousness and beyond language; only occasionally surface as conscious words
can animals form concepts? yes, especially great apes.(in their frontal lobes)
Created by: Msmlb_93