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Wordly Wise L6 C

Wordly Wise Lesson 6 Book C

attitude A way of thinking or feeling about certain things
confess to say or admit that one has done something wrong
defend to keep from being attacked; to protect
defend to speak for; to argue in favor of
gradual happening slowly; taking place little by little
hint information given toh elp someone answer a question; a clue
hint to suggest something without saying directly what one means
individual a single person, apart from others in a group
individual meant for just one
malice to wish to hurt others on purpose
malicious done with a wish to harm or cause pain
misery a feeling of great unhappiness
miserable very unhappy or unpleasant
solution the answer to a problem or puzzle
solution a mixture formed when a liquid and some other stuff are mixed together
survey to look over; to examine
survey a study designed to gather information about a subject
Created by: a1jansen