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AmericanEagle SF3

Limmitations on American Eagles Saab 340B

The Saab340 meets the airworthiness part 25/36 or the FAR's
Min or Max limit Red
Caution, temp, or idle range yellow
Normal range green
Informational Blue
Types of Aircraft Ops Day, Night, VFR, IFR, Flight into atmospheric Ice Conditions
Max Operating Alt 25,000 Ft
Min T/O and landing Alt -1,000 Ft
Max T/O and Landing Alt 8,000 Ft
Min T/O and Landing temp -55 Ft
Max Min T/O and Landing temp (1,000 to 1,500) 47 Ft
Max Min T/O and Landing temp (8,000) 33 Ft
Max Runway slope T/O -2% to 1.5%
Max Runway slope landing -2% to 2%
Max Tailwind 10 Kts
Max Cross wind 35 Kts
Flight maneuvering loads (Flaps up) 2.75g to -1g
Flight maneuvering loads (Flaps down) 2g to 0g
Mmo .5
Vmo (Up to 16,000) Ft 250 kts
Vmo (At FL250) 210
Va 180
Vloe 200
Vloee 200
Vlor 150
Vle 200 kts
Flaps 7 or 15 175 kts
Flaps 20 165 kts
Flaps 35 140 kts
Vra 190 kts
Vra (above FL210) Vmo pointer minus 30 kts
Vmcl (SF3B) 106 kts
Vmcl (SF3B+) 103 kts
Max Speed at SL - 16,000 250 kts
Max speed at 20,000 232 kts
Max Speed at 25,000 210 kts
Max ramp weight 29,300 lbs
Max T/O weight 29,000 lbs
Max landing weight 28,500 lbs
Max zero fuel weight 26,500 lbs
Max cargo (c-1) 1,300 lbs
Max cargo (c-2) 850 lbs
Total max cargo 2,100 lbs
Max dif press 7.5 psi
Auto mode max dif press 7.1 psi
Max negitive press -.5 psi
Max dif press for landing .2 psi
Max alt for unpressurized flight 10,000 Ft
HP bleed air is no authorized between what temps OAT of 0 to 15
HP bleed air valves must be closed for how long before engine shutdown 2 mins
Engine anti-ice must be on When Vis moisture, OAT of 10 or below, or contaminated surfaces
All other anit-ice must be on When Vis moisture, OAT of 5 or below, or contaminated surfaces
Level 1 Ice All conditions
Level 2 Ice OAT 10 or below and vis moist
Level 3 Ice OAT -5 or below and ice accretion visible on airframe
Level 4 Ice OAT -13 and below and ice accretion visible on airframe
Engine Anti-Ice must be on Prior to entering icing conditions and on until five min after leaving
A standerd T/O is not authorized When standing water, slush, wet snow, is more then 1/2 inch deep or more then 3inch of dry snow on the runway
Auto Pilot is not authorized When on T/O 500 ft to acel alt whichever is higher, At an airspeed of 1.3 Vs in HDG mode, At an alt
The Flight director can't be used for takeoff or below 500 ft AGL
Yaw damper is not authorized when T/O below 500 ft agl or accl alt witch ever is highest/ Go-around/ Landing
Max DC Gen load 600 amp for 5 mins
Norminal DC Gen load 400 amp
Min bat temp for t/o -20
Min bat temp for bat start -20
No start bat 57
No cross gen start 61
Max bat temp for t/o 64
Bat hot light 71
External power max volt 29.5 VDC
External power min current during engine start 1,200 amp
External power max current during engine start 1,600 amp
Emergency light bat min temp -18
Final flaps must be in before 300 ft agl
Jet-A freezing point -40
Max Pressure for refueling 50 psi
Total useable fuel 5690 lbs
max fuel imbalance 200 lbs
Hydraulic system must be "warmed up" when the OAT is below -35
Vwipe high 160 kts
Vwipe low 130 kts
Created by: EaglePilot1715