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Rads 1130

How are atomic # and binding energy related? The higher the atomic # the more tightly bound it is
What is ionization? loss or gain of an electron
What is Ohm's law V=IxR
How are frequency and wavelength of a sine wave related? inversely proportional
What is the unit of resistence? Ohm
What is a conductor? Allows electrons to flow
3 materials that are insulators Plastic, rubber, and glass
Describe self induction a single coil supplied with AC
What is a sine wave? electromagnetic wave. Ac and Dc
What is the unit of current flow? amp
What is the wavelength of an x-ray? 0.1-0.5 angstroms
Define ferromagnetic? permeable, nickle, cobalt, and iron
How do line of force travel outside of the magnet? north to south
What is the function of a transformer? Induces current from primary to secondary
what is the function of a generator? turns mechanical energy into electrical
What is the function of a rectfier? Changes AC to DC
What is Eddy current loss? Opposing forces, in the core of the transformer
What is copper loss? I2R, inheriance resistence to all conductors
what is the velocity of an x-ray? speed of light
what is an electromagnet? wrapped coil of wire around ferromagnetic core; flux density can be further increased
What is an isotope? gain or loss of a neutron
What is a molecule? 2+ atoms
what surface of conductors do electrical charges reside? outside
Left hand rule: what indicates the magnetic line of force? index finger
Right hand rule: what does the thumb indicate? direction of current flow
Type of transofrmer located in the filament circuit step- down
Can a transformer function on DC current alone? No, needs AC to induce the current
Can an x-ray function on AC current alome? No, the tube with explode
3 methods of electricfication contact, friction, and induction
Describe paramagnetic low permiability; platinum and allimunimun
What is a stator? pair of electromagnets around a rotor
What is potential difference? strength of electron flow
Transformer law formula Vs/Vp=Ns/Np
What are solendroids used for in x-ray equipment? detent of the tube
How many rectifiers does full-wave rectification have? 4
Valve tube, diodes, semiconductors and thyristor are all what? rectifiers
What is the unit of frequency? hertz
What is the function of the transformer? Radio dial, lets you select you different factors
Define energy the ability to do work
A commutator ring allows a generator to produce? DC
What is an atomic #? # of protons; z #
List all the orbital shells starting at the nucleus k-Q
What is the unit of binding energy of elecrton in the nucleus? eV (electrovolt)
What type of energy is x-ray? electromagnetic
What is an angstrom? wavelenth of an x-ray
Hoe are frequency and photon energy related? Directly proportional
what is the magnetic flux formula? mag force= field strength/area
What is a series circuit? linked
What is a parallel circuit? individual
What is a capacitor? stores current
What is a coulamb? unit of quantity
What is current? # of electrons form - to +
What term describes the force with which electrons travel? volts, electromagnetic force
Describe the law of repulsion opposites attract
What is magnetic flux, or flux density? force field
Describe the inverse square law as it related to magnetism inversly proportional
Regarding magnet, what is permability? ease to become magnetized
Regarding magnetism, what is retentivity? tha ablilty the stay magnetized
How many coils are required for mutual induction? 2
What device use a slip ring? generator
What is a step-up transformer? Increased the voltge and decreases the current (amp)
What is a step-down transformer? increases curent and decreases voltage
Why must current be rectified prior to reaching the x-ray tube? So it doesn't go back and ruin the tube
define 1/2 wave rectification stops DC
define full wve rectification converts DC to AC
what charge do protons have? +
What charge do neutrons have? none
what charge do electrons have? -
describe ionization? loss or gain of an electron
How many electrons can be in the outer shell? 8
What is wavelength the distance between to successive point
What is an atom? the smallest particle of an element
What is molecule? 2+ atoms
What is a substance? definate and constant composition (simple and complex)
Define radiation energy emitted and transferred through matter
What is an electon volt? energy 1 electron will have when eccelerated by electrical potential of 1 volt
Name several properties of x-ray Highly penetrating, electrically neutral, wide variety of wavelengths, give off heat, travel in a straight line and at the speed of light, ionize matterm fluorescence, can't be focused, affect photographic film, produce scatter, chemical and biological ch
What is a conductor? any material that an electron may flow freely, copper, aluminum, water
What is an insulator? any material the an electron can't pass through freely, glass, wood, rubber
describe unit of current flow move form highest concentration to lowest
describe potential difference the force which electrons travel between positive and neg
Descrieb resistance amount of opposition to the current
define Ohms law current along a conductor is proportional to the potential diffence
What are the laws of electrostatics? 1-Repulsion & attration 2- Inverse square law 3-Distribution 4-Concentration 5- movement
What ate the laws of magnetism? repulsion/attraction Inverse square law magnetic pole: every magnet has 2 poles
What are the classifications of magnetic material? Ferro: iron, cobalt ,nickle- highly permiable Para: platinum, aluminum- low permeability Dia: berylium, bismuth, lead- weakly repel mag. forces Non: wood, glass, rubber- not affected by magnetic fields
How do lines of force flow inside and outside of a magnet? inside: s to n Outside: n to s
What is a transformer? opperates on Ac to change electricity form primary to secondary voltage
What is a motor? converts electrical to mechanical
Types of transformers Step-up: step up voltage & down current Step-down: step down voltage & up current Autotransformer: let's you step up variable (KVP)
What is a solenoid? detents tube Conducting wire looped to form a coil, doubles the magnetic force. Flux density is increased
Where are slip rings used? generators, no interuption of current flow
Right hand thumb rule Thumb: current Finger: direction of induced magnetic field lines
Right hand generator rule? Thumb: direction of conductor index: direction of magnectic field of force middle: current flow direction
Left hand motor rule? Thumb: direction the conductor will move Index: direction of magnetic lines Middle: direction of current
What is air-core transformer 2 coils of wire in proximity
Describe open core fill primary and secondary coils with iron core (inrease field)
Describe closed core? closed core on top adn bottom to increase field strength
describe shell type coverge both inside and outside line of force through iron core
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