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Health and PE Studyguide

Vollyball is played on a court of ____________. 60 x 30 ft; divided into halves
Vollyball is played with ____ players. 6
A Vollyball net is set up __________. 7 feet 4 - 4 1/2 inches
The Object of Vollyball is to _________-. keep the ball from striking the floor on your side of the net and to return it so it strikes the floor on your opponent’s side.
A ______ is not considered one of the three hits alotted to each team block of a spike
A VB game goes to _______ pts. you must win by ____. 25 pts; 2 pts
A match consists of the best of three at the __________ level. JV
A match consists of five games at the _____ level. Varsity
If a fifth game is necessary at the Varsity level, it will only go to _______ pts. 15
At the collegiate level, a match consists of 5 games and goes to _____ pts. 30
______: an unreturnable serve Ace
______: the vertical rods along the outside edge of the net Antenna
____-: the offense action of hitting the ball attack
_______: a defesive play by one or more players meant to intercept a spike block
_______: passing a spiked or rapidly hit ball dig
_______: a legal push of the ball above or around blockers Dink
______: two players working in unison to intercept the ball at the net double block
_______: succesive hit by the same player and is only legal on the team's first contact Double Hit
_______: server steps on or over the end line at the moment of serving the ball foot fault
______: a ball that comes to rest during contact, resulting in a foul held ball
______: to jump and strike the ball with an overhand, forceful shot Hit
_______: contact of the ball resulting in a point; ex: lift and double hit Illegal Hit
______: an attack that results in an immediate point Kill
______: point awarded o the non-serving team during a match (loss of rally) point
_____: anytime during play the ball may be played off of the net as long as the player does not touch the net Net Ball
______-; the succesful reception of serce by directing it to a teamate pass
when fouls are committed simultaneously by players on opposite teams Replay/reserve
_______: the act of shifting positions in a clockwise direction when a team is awarded a serve Rotation
_______: when a player directs the ball with a two-handed overhead motion for a teamate to spike set
______; hitting a ball forcefully from a a height greater than the top of the net Spike
______; hitting the ball before it strikes the floor volly
_______: a game in which all legal hits must be hit on the volly Volleyball
Illegal Plays While Serving: a) Touches any object hanging from the ceiling;b) Does not pass between the antennae; c) Lands outside the opponent’s half of the court (on the line is good); d) Server commits a foot fault
Other Illegal Plays: Player touches the net; ball fails to pass between the antennae, Any illegal hit, A player leaves the floor from a position that is not clearly behind the 10-foot line when executing a spike from a back-row position; overlapping; stepping over center line
Created by: ElizabethI