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Basic Flow


What are Aux send used for? - To make HP mixes - To send signal to a time based FX processor
What kind of device/connection are they? Paralel connection/device
How do they affect the signal channel? They copy the signal
How many aux send on a mackie? 6
How many aux send can we use at a time? 4
Which aux send can be set prefader? 1 and 2
What are aux returns used for? - They bring the signal back on the console - They can be used as extra line inputs
What are the assignement option for aux returns 1,2,3 and 4? - 1 LR Mix - 2 LR Mix - 3 LR Mix or Sub-groups 1/2 or 3/4 - 4 LR Mix or CTL Room/Headphones
How does serial devices affect the signal? They remove it from the console.
Which part on the console acts as a serial device? Inserts
How does parallel device affect the signal? It copies it
Which part on the console acts as a parallel device? Aux sends
How do dynamic FX affect the signal? They alter it's dynamic range
Give me some exemples of dynamic FX Compressors, limiters, gates...
What do we use to send dynamic FX? Inserts
How do time-based FX affect the signal? It copies it.
Give me some exemples of time based FX Delay, Reverb, Chorus...
What do we use to send them? Aux sends
What do we call wet signal? processed signal
What do we call dry signal? Unprocessed signal
What does TRS stands for? Tip, Ring, Sleeve
How does each components funtion? - Tip -> Send - Ring -> Return - Sleeve -> Common ground
What is a split console? - Tape sends and tape returns are on different channel - Seperate monitor section - It can't be used as an in line console
What is an in line console? - Tape sends and tape returns are on the same channel strip - It can be used as a a split console
What is the function of the trim pot? - It preamplifies the signal - It is used to achieves the best signal to noise ratio - It is used in level setting
What does Tile M. Fadpa stands for? Trim, Inserts, Low cut, EQ, Mute, FAder, Direct outputs, Panning, Assignements. What does Tile M. Fadpa describes?
What kind of cable is a mic input? XLR
What is a mic input used for? To connect a microphone to the console
What are inserts used for? To patch a Dynamic FX processor
What kind of device/connection is an insert? Serial device/connection
How does inserts affect the signal? It removes it from the console
How many insert are they on a mackie 1604? 1 per channel + 2 : 18
Line inputs will accept what kind of connectors? Quarter inch
What can be patched to a lin input? - Tape returns - Time based FX returns
What does our monitor section represent? Multitrack returns
What does tape returns describes? What is coming back from the Multitrack
Where do we find tape returns? On the monitor section
What does our channel path represent? - it brings the signal in - it sends the signal to the multitrack throug direct output
What is the signal to noise ratio? Ratio betwen how much signal and noise we have.
What is a compressor? An automatic fader
What kind of FX are compressors and gates? Dynamic FX
Describe the master section checklist? - Master fader to unity - CTL Roomlevel to 9:00 - CTL Room source to main mix - Solo level to 9:00 - Aux sends masters to unity
What is the slope of the low cut filter? 18dB/Octave
What is the cutoff point of the lowcut filter? 75Hz
What are some uses oof the lowcut filter? Remove the sounds from the room, the AC, or the gear itself.
What is another name for the lowcut filter? highpass filter
What are EQs for? They later the frequencies properties
How many EQ ar eavailable per channel strip? 3
What are the 3 different kind of EQ on a channel? - high shelf filter - Low shelf filter - Mid swipe
At which frequency is the high shelf EQ preset? 12KHz
By how many dB can boost or attenute on the high shelf? +/- 15dB
At which frequency is the low shelf EQ preset? 80Hz
By how many dB can boost or attenute on the low shelf? +/- 15dB What is the preset sweepable range of our mid-sweep EQ?
What is the preset bandwidth of our mid-sweep EQ? 1.5 Octaves
By how many dB can boost or attenute on the Mid swipe? +/- 15dB
What is another term for fader? Variable resistor
What does the term tape send mean? Signal being sent to the multitrack recorder
What is a direct out? The shortest, cleanest, and most efficient way of sendinf a signal to the multitrack.
How many direct outpus is there on a mackie 1604? 8
What is a main insert and why would we use it? It is a way to send all the mix to a dynamic FX processor. Used for exemple with a compressor.
When do we use tape inputs? They are external devices inupts, we use them to plug things like Ipod, mp3 player, walkman...
Which Aux sends does our PRE switch affect? 1 and 2
What does prefader means? The signal is taped before the fader, the fader won't affect the signal.
What does postfader means? The signal is taped after the fader, the fader will alter the signal.
Where does pre-aux sends fall in the signal flow of channel strip? Post Low cut, pre EQ (til emfadpa)
Where does post-aux sends fall in the signal flow of channel strip? Post fader, pre pan (tilemfa dpa)
When and why would we want our aux send to be pre fader? while making head phone mixes so that we can have two independant mixes
What is the purpose of the 5/6 Switch? To switches a channel from the 3/4 aux sends to the 5/6 aux sends
What does the OL light represent? - Muted - Overloading (clipping)
How does pan affect our signal? It controls how much signal will feed the L or R or the subgroups.
What are each channel faders assignement options? Solo, SubGroup 1/2, SubGroup 3/4, LR Mix
What are the benefits of subgrouping during recording scenarios? To save some space on the multitrack
What are the benefits of subgrouping during a mixdown scenario? Creating groups of instruments or grouping different parts of a drumset
Where does the subgroups out get their feed from? The subgroup faders
What is the disadvantage of using subgroups output to send on the multitrack? There will be more noise from the gear
What are mains outs and where do they get their feed from? The master faders
When would we use our mains outs? To create a stereo and send it to the recorder
What are insert sends? What is sent to the dynamic FX processor
What are insert returns? What returns from the dynamic FX processor
What is phantom power? 48V DC
When do we use phantom power and why? When we use condensor mics to provide power to the mic
When do we NOT use them? When using a ribbon mic because they'll be damaged
How is it applied to the mackie 1604? Globaly, on every track or on none of them
What are the 2 solo modes available on the mackie 1604? - AFL - PFL
When would we use each one? - PFL for level setting - AFL for everything else
What are the steps of leveling procedure? - Apply PFL solo mode - solo the track we want to level - use the trim pot to adjust to 0 (on the meter) - unsolo the track (and either go on with another one or go back to AFL)
What do CTL Room source buttons allow us to do? Choose what we listen to
What are the options for the room source? Tape, SubGroup1/2, SubGroup3/4, Main mix
What do we use to make headphone mixes? The aux sends
Where dowe always derive our heaphones mixes from? Prefader from tape returns
Why do we make headphone mixes 'pre-fader'? So we can make two different mixes
What should we always do while making headphone mixes? Listen to them
Which aux sends have aux sends master? 1 and 2
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