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Chapter 11 Miladys

Some Review Questions- Electricity

Electricity is a form of energy that, when in motion exhibits magnetic, chemical or thermal effects
Two types of electric current: Direct Current & Alternating Current
Volt measures Pressure/Force
Amp measures Strength of electric current
Milliampere measures One thousandth of an amp
Ohm measures Resistance of an electric current
Watt measures Amount of energy used in one second
Kilowatt measures 1,000 watts
Prevents excessive current from passing through the circuit Fuse
A switch that automatically interrupts/shuts off an electric current at the first indication of overload Circuit Breaker
The process of introducing water-soluble products into skin with the use of electric current Iontophoresis
Forces acidic substances into deeper tissues Cataphoresis
Visible light makes up _____% of natural sunlight 35
Ultra violet rays make up ____% of natural sunlight 5
________ rays make up 60% of natural sunlight Infrared
How are infrared lamps used? For hair/skin treatments at a distance of at least 30 inches (76cm) with an exposure of 5 minutes.
Negative or positive pole of an electric current Polarity
Process used to soften and emulsify grease deposits and blackheads in the hair follicles Desincrustation
Wavelength Distance between successive peaks of electromagnetic waves
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