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Chapter 9 Miladys

Properties of the Hair and Scalp

What is Trichology? The study of hair and it's diseases and care
What are 2 main parts that full grown human hair is divided into? Hair Root & Hair Shaft
Arrector Pili A tiny, involuntary muscle in the base of the hair follicle. Responsible for goosebumps.
A small, cone-shaped elevation located at the bottom of the hair follicle. Dermal Papilla
A tube-like depression/pocket in the skin/scalp containing hair root. Follicle
Lowest area or part of hair strand. Club-shaped structure that forms in the lower part of the hair root. Hair Bulb
Oil glands are also known as ____________ ____________ and are connected to hair follicles. Sebaceous Glands
The cells that make up hair are divided into 3 layers: Cuticle- Outtermost Cortex- Middle Layer- contains melanin Medulla- Innermost layer
What are the 3 phases that all hair follicles cycle through? Anagen- Growth Phase Catagen- Brief Transistion Period Telogen- Resting Phase
Hair that forms in a circular patter, as on the crown Whorl
Ability of hair to absorb moisture Porosity
Elasticity Ability of the hair to stretch and return to its original length without breaking
Texture Refers to the degree of coarseness or fineness of the hair
The sudden loss of hair in round or irregular patches without inflammation is called what? Alopecia Areata
What is Trichorrehexis Nodosa "Knotted Hair"
Element in Normal Hair: a)Nitrogen b)Hydrogen c)Oxygen d)Carbon a)17% b)6% c)21% d)51%
A side bond that is easily broken by strong alkaline or acidic solutions is called a ____________ bond disulfide
Amount of movement in hair strand. Referred to as straight, wavy, curly or extra curly Wave Pattern
Vellus Hair short, fine, unpigmented, downy hair on the body
Technical term for gray hair canities
Technical term for split ends Trichoptlosis
"Beaded Hair" is known as Monilethrix
Fungal infection of scalp- Red papules or spots at opening of hair follicles Tinea Capitis
Technical term for Lice Pediculosis Capitis
What is the part of the hair located below the surface of the scalp called? Hair root
What is the portion of the hair that projects above the skin called? Hair Shaft
What are the six main structures of the hair? Hair follicle, Arrector Pili, Sebaceous gland, Dermal Papilla, Hair bulb and Hair root
Layer of the hair that consists of transparent scale like cells that resemble the shingles on a roof Cuticle
What layer of hair only exists in coarser hair textures? Medulla
What are proteins made of? Amino Acids
What type of bonds link amino acids together? Peptide bonds
What are three types of side bonds? Salt, Hydrogen and Disulfide
What type of melanin provides black and brown color to the hair? Eumelanin
What type of melanin provides red and ginger to yellow and blonde tones to the hair? Pheomelanin
What side bond is weakest? Hydrogen
What side bond is strongest? Disulfide
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