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Rad Path


What occurs in adolescents who experience contractions of tendinous attachments? Avulsion fx of pelvs
What uses a decreased exposure, shows osteophytes, and occurs in many persons by age 40? Osteoarthritis
Also known as giant cell tumors Osteoclastomas
Has a "sunburst" pattern. Usually seen in long bones. The peak age is 20 years old. Osteogenic Sarcomas
Often in teenagers and young adults. Associated with pain that worsens at night. Osteod Osteomas
Is common in midlife and if men. Paget's Disease
Also called Osteitis Deformans Paget's Disease
Radiographic Appearance of a small, round-oval density with a lucent center. Osteoid Osteomas
One of the most common disease of the skeleton and is a nonneoplastic bone disease. "Cotton-wool appearance" Paget's Disease
Affects the sacroiliac joints and lower limbs of young men. Associated with arthritis, urethritis, and conjuctivitis. Reiter Syndrome
The specific area is the Achilles tendon on the posterior margin of calcaneous. Has an appearance of calcaneous erosion Reiter Syndrome
Inflammation of the bone and cartilage of the anterior proximal tibia and is most common in boys 10-15 years old Osgood-Schlatter
Occurs when patellar tendon detaches part of the tibial tuberosity Osgood-Schlatter
Increased exposure with an avulsion fx Lisfranc Joint Injury
Moderate sprain characterized by abnormal separation between 1st and 2nd metatarsals. Lisfranc Joint Injury
A radiographic appearance of mutiple "punched out" osteolyte lesions. Occurs between 40-70 years of age. Multiple Myeloma
Noninflammatory joint disease with deterioration of articular cartilage. Hypertrophic bone formation Osteoarthritis
Occurs mostly in diaphysis of long bone and has symptoms similar to osteomyelitis. Ewing's Sarcoma
A common primary malignant bone tumor often found in children and young adults. Ewing's Sarcoma
Accumulated fluid in joint cavity Joint Effusions
A form of arthritis that may be hereditary, and it occurs mainly in men after the age of 30. Gout
Often occurs in the 1st MTP jt. Uric acid in blood and jts Gout
Also called Osteochondroma and is classified as overproduction of bone at a jt Exotosis
Usually occurs in the knee with a tumor that grows parallel to the bone. Exotosis
Radiographic appearance is a projection of bone with cartilaginous cap. Exotosis
Causes extreme pain and can be difficult to diagnose. Avulsion fx of pelvis
The force of sliding over tuberosities, ASIS, AIIS, superior corner of symphysis pubis, and iliac crest may cause avulsion fx. Avulsion fx of pelvis
Appear as "bubbles" with radiolucent lesions with thin strips of bone between Osteoclastomas
Bone softening cause by lack of bone mineralization by lack of calcium and vitamin D Osteomalacia
Also called "Rickets." Has an appearance of "bowing" defect in weight-bearing bones Osteomalacia
Slow growing, benign tumor. Most often found in small bones of hands and feet in adolescents and young adults Enchondroma
Can lead to a fracture. An appearance of a radiolucent tumor. Enchondroma
Malignant tumors of cartilage in the pelvis and long bones. Chondrosarcoma
Calcifications in the tumor Usually in men older than 45 Chondrosarcoma
Also called "runner's knee" Chondromalacia Patellae
Is a softening of cartilage under the patella. Possible misalignment of the patella. Chondromalacia Patellae