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Unit 3 Notes

The first people to arrive in Mexico were the . Native Americans
The Spaniards conquered the area in the . 1500's
The Olmecs built their civilization around . 1200 B.C.
The were the first to grow Maize. Olmecs
The Olmecs disappeared . 400 B.C.
The developed the 365 day calender. Maya
In 1519 a spanish army led by landed on Mexico's Gulf Coast. Hernan Cortes
Many Native Americans died from mistreatment and diseases from the . Spanish
About of Mexico's people are Roman Cstholic. 90%
In 1810 led an army of peasants in revolt and was executed because of this. Miguel Hidalgo
Mexico won independence from Spain in . 1821
won independencce from Mexico and joined the U.S. Texas
Mexico lost what three U.S. states. California, Utah, and Nevada.
helped the poor in Mexico. Emiliano Zapata
Central America is an . Isthmus
There are countries in Central America. 7
Central America site on the earth's crusts where the plates meet which produces and . Volcanoes and earthquakes
The Central Highlands are a chain of . Volcanic mountains that are difficult to cross and keep many people isolated from each other.
Central America has a except for in the mountains. tropical climate
Central America's economy depends on and . Farming and harvesting wood from the rainforest.
and own plantations. wealthy people and companies
and ruins of past empires are found in the rain forest. Valuable resources and Ancient ruins of past empire
Costa Rica has set aside of the rainforest as national parks. 1/4
The rain forest have . Expensive wood, unusual animals, and plantations used for new medicines.
The U.S. built the . Panama Canal
The U.S owned the Panama Canal for more than 80 years untill Panama gained it in . December of 1999
The were the first civilization in Central America followed by the Maya. Olmecs
forced Native Americans to work on plantations for over 300 years. Spain
The established settlements in Central America. Spanish
is the least populated country. Belize
Belize speaks only . English
The islands of the caribbean are known as the . west indies
Large islands of the Caribbean are called the . greater antilles
The small islands of the Caribbean are called lesser antilles
Breeze of the keep temperatures in the Caribbean pleasant. Caribbean Sea
is the world's top producer of sugar. Cuba
The developed the first settlement in the Western Hemisphere. Spaniards
The cover half of the country the then drop into the ocean, this drop is called the . Brazilian Highlands, Great Escarpment
Cities in Brazil are surrounded by . favelas,slum areas
Deforestation from . Mining, logging, and farming.
has the largest population of all of Latin America. Brazil
Brazil's culture is largely . Portuguese
was the first and largest group to colonize in Brazil. Portugal
In the capital of Brazil moved from Rio de Janeiro to Brazilia to ease overwhelming. 1960
is held yearly in Rio de Janeiro Carnival
Carnival is held in . Rio de Janeiro
has more coal than any other country in the South American Nation. Colombia
is a major cash crop in Colombia. Coffee
Since the 1960's have been a force in Colombia. drug dealers
Lake Titicaca is on border. Peru's
is the highest navigable lake in the world. Lake Titicaca
are Peru's main food crop. Potatoes
In the 1400's, Native Americans called lived on the area that is now , it was a powerful civilization. Inca, Peru
is the ancient language of the Inca. Quechua
has the largest Native American populations in the Western Hemisphere. Peru
is the most populated city in Ecuador. Guayaquil
is Ecuador's section of Quinto is a world cultured heritage site. Old Town
and are raised for wood and carrying goods. alpacas and llamas
Over of Bolivia is a mile or more high. 1/3
is the highest capital city in the world. La Paz
About of the land in Chile is mountainous. 80%
The is one of the driest places on earth. Atacama Desert
is one of the world's leading producer of copper. Chile
South and east of the Andes is , which is a dry, wind swept plateau. Patagonia
Argentina's economy relies on and . Ranching and farming
Uruguay's economy relies on . Raising sheep and cattle
The western part of Paraguay is a great forest area known as the . Gran Chao
is a Native American group in Paraguay. Guarani-a
Most people in Paraguay speak . Guarani
Venezuela's most important river is the . Orinoco
Venezuela's government owns the . Oil industry
On the 1800's and 1900's Venezuela was ruled by . Caudillo's
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