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Common to medical charts for pt w/PT referral

Alzheimer’s disease AD
acute myocardial infarction AMI
adult respiratory distress syndrome ARDS
arteriosclerotic heart disease ASHD
coronary artery bypass graft CABG
continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis CAPD
cystic fibrosis CF
congestive heart failure CHF
chronic obstructive lung disease COLD
cerebral palsy CP
cerebrovascular accident CVA
chest x-ray CXR
deep vein thrombosis DVT
gunshot wound GSW
hypertensive cardiovascular disease HCVD
intensive care unit ICU
ischemic heart disease IHD
muscular dystrophy MD
mitral valve prolapsed MVP
sodium chloride (salt) NaCl
neonatal intensive care unit NICU
normal sinus rhythm NSR
amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ALS
angina pectoris AP
arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease ASCVD
cancer, carcinoma CA
coronary artery disease CAD
congenital dislocation of the hip CDH
coronary heart disease CHD
chronic liver disease CLD
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD
carpal tunnel syndrome CTS
cardiovascular disease CVD
diabetes mellitus DM
fetal alcohol syndrome FAS
hour h
herniated nucleus pulposus HNP
insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus IDDM
lupus erythematosis LE
multiple myeloma MM
sodium Na
neurologic intensive care unit NICU
nothing by mouth NPO
osteoarthritis OA
otitis media OM
physician’s assistant PA
phemocystis carinii pneumonia PCP
Parkinson’s disease PD
Physician’s Desk Reference PDR
pulmonary edema PE
pulmonary embolism PE
premature ventricular contraction PVC
pediatric intensive care unit PICU
red blood cell RBC
rheumatoid arthritis RA
sudden infant death syndrome SIDS
rheumatic heart disease RHD
staphylococcus staph
systemic lupus erythematosus SLE
tuberculosis TB
sexually transmitted disease STD
tracheostomy trach
transient ischemic attack TIA
urinary tract infection UTI
upper respiratory infection URI
before a (with line over a)
above knee (amputation) AK (AKA)
ambulate, ambulatory amb
anterior ant
anteroposterior AP
as tolerated as tol
axillary ax
twice a day bid
below knee BK
below-knee amputation BKA
blood pressure BP
with c (with line over c)
complains of c/o
chief complaint CC
discharge disch
diagnosis Dx
fracture Fx
height ht
history Hx
lateral lat
left lt
outpatient OP
orthopedic ortho
occupational therapy OT
after p (with line over p)
posteroanterior PA
primary care physician PCP
pediatrics Peds
by per
orally PO
phone order PO
postoperative PO
postoperatively post-op
whenever necessary PRN
patient pt
physical therapy PT
prognosis Px
every q
every (number) of hours q_h
four times per day qid
every other hour qoh
rule out R/O
respirations resp
range of motion ROM
right rt
respiratory therapy RT
prescription Rx
without s (with line over s)
immediately stat
three times a day tid
telephone order TO
vital signs VS
wheelchair W/C
weight wt or WT
except x (with line over x)
Created by: srussel
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