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Med Term - Lesson 3

Integumentary System & Colors

Prefix, Word Root, SuffixDefinition
epi- on; upon; over
hypo- below; deficient; under
intra- within
per- through
sub- below; under
acr extremities
cutane skin
cyan blue
derm skin
dermat skin
erythr red
leuk white
melan black
myc fungus
onych nail
xanth yellow
-itis inflammation
-osis abnormal condition
-ous pertaining to
-tomy incision
biopsy removal of living tissue to be viewed under a microscope for diagnostic purposes
abbreviation for biopsy Bx
edema puffy swelling of tissue from the accumulation of fluid
laceration torn, ragged-edged wound
lesion any visible change in tissue resulting from injury or disease
pressure ulcer (bedsore) eroded sore on the skin caused by prolonged pressure (formerly called decubitus ulcer)
abbreviation for pressure ulcer (bedsore) decub
shingles (herpes zoster) development of painful, inflamed blisters that follow the nerve routes
squamous cell carcinoma a malignant growth that developes from scale-like epithelial tissue
abbreviation for squamous cell carcinoma SqCCA
staphylococcus bacterium that grows in a pattern resembling grapelike clusters & can cause skin infections
abbreviation for staphylococcus staph
streptococcus bacterium that grows in a pattern resembling twisted chains & can cause skin infections
abbreviation for streptococcus strep
abbreviation for leukocyte WBC (white blood cell)
abbreviation for erythrocyte RBC (red blood cell)
abbreviation for basal cell carcinoma BCC
abscess localized collection of pus
basal cell carcinoma tumor arising from the outer layer of the skin (epithelial layer)
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