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Chapter 6

Cryotherapy Indications- (8) 1.Acute or chronic pain 2.Myofascial pain syndrome 3.Muscle spasm 4.Bursitis 5.Acute or subacute inflammation 6.Musculoskeletal trauma 7.Reduction of spasticity 8.Tendonitis
Cryotherapy Contraindications- (9) 1.Area of compromised circulation 2.Peripheral vascular disease 3.Ischemic tissue 4.Cold hypersensitivity 5.Raynaud's phenomenon 6.Cold urticaria 7.Hypertension 8.Infection 9.Cryoglobulinemia
Superficial Heating Agents Indications- (7) 1.Pain control 2.Chronic inflammatory conditions 3.Trigger point 4.Tissue healing 5.Muscle spasm 6.Decreased range of motion 7.Desensitization
Superficial Heating Agents Contraindications- (7) 1.Circulatory impairment 2.Area of malignancy 3.Acute musculoskeletal trauma 4.Bleeding or hemorrhage 5.Sensory Impairment 6.Thrombophlebitis 7.Arterial disease
Deep Heating Agents Indications -(10) 1.Decreased collagen extensibility 2.Pain 3.Tissue healing 4.Chronic inflammatory pelvic disease 5.Muscle guarding 6.Degenerative joint disease 7.Joint stiffness 8.Bursitis 9.Peripheral nerve regeneration 10.Chronic Inflammation
Deep Heating Agents Contraindications- (12 total) First 6 1.Low back,abdomen,pelvis of a pregnant woman 2.Internal & external metal objects 3.Eyes 4.Malignant area 5.Intrauterine device 6.Cardiac pacemaker
Deep Heating Agents Contraindications- (Cont'd) Last 6 7.Pain & temperature sensory deficits 8.Moist wound dressing 9.Over hemorrhagic region 10.Testes 11.Acute inflammation 12.Ischemic tissue
Ultrasound Indications – (9) 1.Soft tissue repair 2.Contracture 3.Bone fracture 4.Trigger point 5.Dermal Ulcer 6.Scar tissue 7.Pain 8.Plantar wart 9.Muscle spasm
Ultrasound Contraindications- (11 total) First 6 1.Over eyes 2.Over pregnant uterus 3.Over cemented prosthetic joint 4.Impaired circulation 5.Thrombophlebitis 6.Impaired pain or temperature sensory deficits
Ultrasound Contraindications- (Cont’d) Last 5 7.Over heart 8.Over testes 9.Over epiphyseal areas in children 10.Infection 11.Over malignancy
Hydrotherapy Indications- (13 total) First 7 1.Burn Care 2.Superficial heating or cooling 3.Edema Control 4.Muscle strain 5.Arthritis 6.Densensitization of residual limb with contrast bath 7.Pain management
Hydrotherapy Indications- (Cont’d) Last 6 8.Wound care 9.Decreased range of motion 10.Pool therapy/exercise 11.Sprain 12.Joint stiffness 13.Muscle spasm/spasticity
Hydrotherapy Contraindications- (10 total)First 5 1.Peripheral vascular disease 2.Gangrene 3.Severe infection 4.Urinary/fecal incontinence 5.Advanced cardiovascular or pulmonary disease
Hydrotherapy Contraindications- (Cont'd) Last 5 6.Buerger’s disease w/ contrast bath 7.Impaired circulation 8.Renal infection 9.Bleeding surface area 10.Diminished sensation
Traction Indications- (8) 1.Nerve impingement 2.Herniated or protruding disc 3.Subacute joint inflammation 4.Spondylolisthesis 5.Joint hypomobility 6.Paraspinal muscle spasm 7.Degenerative joint disease 8.Osteophyte formation
Traction Contraindications- (8) 1.When motion is contraindicated 2.Joint instability 3.Tumor 4.Pregnancy 5.Acute inflammatory response 6.Acute spraim 7.Osteoporosis 8.Fracture
Compression Indications- (6) 1.Lymphedema 2.New residual limb 3.Risk for deep vein thrombosis 4.Edema 5.Stasis ulcers 6.Hypertrophic scarring
Compression Contraindications- (7) 1.Malignancy of treated area 2.Deep vein thrombosis 3.Unstable or acute fracture 4.Heart Failure 5.Infection of treated area 6.Pulmonary edema 7.Circulatory obstruction
Ultraviolet (UV) Indications- (7) 1.Acne 2.Psoriasis 3.Tetany 4.Vitamin D deficiency 5.Chronic ulcer/wound 6.Osteomalacia/rickets 7.Sinusitis
Ultraviolet (UV) Contraindications- (7) 1.Photosensitive medication 2.Lupus erythematosus 3.Tuberculosis 4.Herpes simplex 5.Renal or hepatic pathology 6.Diabetes mellitus 7. Pellagra
Massage Indications- (14 total) First 7 1.Pain 2.Decreased range of motion 3.Edema 4.Adhesions 5.Myositis 6.Lactic acid excess 7.Migraine or general headache
Massage Indications- (Cont’d) Last 7 8.Trigger point 9.Muscle spasm and cramping 10.Scar tissue 11.Bursitis 12.Tendonitis 13.Intermittent claudication 14.Raynaud’s syndrome
Massage Indications- (Cont’d) Last 7 8.Trigger point 9.Muscle spasm and cramping 10.Scar tissue 11.Bursitis 12.Tendonitis 13.Intermittent claudication 14.Raynaud’s syndrome
Massage Contraindications- (7) 1.Infection 2.Arteriosclerosis 3.Thrombus 4.Cellulitis 5.Actue injury 6.Embolus 7.Cancer
Electrotherapy Indications- (14 total) First 7 1.Muscle spasm 2.Muscle weakness 3. Pain 4.Decreased range of motion 5.Idiopathic scoliosis 6.Fracture 7.Joint effusion
Electrotherapy Indications- (Cont'd) Last 7 8.Facial neuropathy 9.Muscle atrophy 10.Open wound/ulcer 11.Bell’s palsy 12.Use with labor and delivery 13.Stress incontinence 14.Shoulder subluxation
Electrotherapy Contraindications- (9) 1.Cardiac pacemaker 2.Patient with a bladder stimulator 3.Use over carotid sinus 4.Seizure disorders 5.Phlebitis 6.Malignancy 7.Use over a pregnant uterus 8.Cardica arrhythmia 9.Osteomyelitis
Waveforms Indications- (5) 1.Pain management 2.Urinary incontinence 3.Edema management 4.Osteoarthritic pain 5.Migraines
Waveforms Contraindications- (5) 1.Malignancy 2.With all types of electronic implants 3.During the first trimester of pregnancy 4.Over lower abdomen/uterus during pregnanct 5.Over the anterior transcervical area
Russian Current Indications- (1) 1.The primary indication is to strengthen the muscle groups of otherwise healthy individuals and athletes.
Russian Current Contraindications- (5) 1.Over the abdominal and pelvic area of pregnant women 2.Over the area of hemorrhage 3.Malignancy 4.Over the anterior cervical area 5.Over electronic implants
Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) Indications- (8) 1.Post-operative pain 2.During labor and delivery 3.Bone fractures 4.Chronic pain 5.Trigeminal neuralgia 6.Phantom pain 7.For antiemetic effects 8.Improved blood flow
Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) Contraindications- (5) 1.Cardiac pacemakers (relative contraindication) 2.Epilepsy 3.During the first trimester of pregnancy 4.Over lower abdomen/uterus during pregnancy 5.Over the anterior transcervical area
High-Voltage Pulsed Current (HVPC) Indications- (7) 1.Wound management 2.Pain management 3.Soft Tissue edema 4.Levator ani syndrome 5.Muscle spasm 6.Muscle weakness 7.Bell’s palsy
High-Voltage Pulsed Current (HVPC) Contraindications- (7) 1.Cardiac pacemakers (relative contraindication) 2.Over heavy scarring tissues 3.Malignancy 4.Over lower abdomen/uterus during pregnancy 5.Over the anterior transcervical area 6.Over osteomyelitis 7.Anterior cervical region
Biofeedback Indications- (10) 1.Muscle spasm 2.Pain 3.Spinal cord injury 4.Urinary incontinence 5.Improve neuromuscular control 6.Muscle weakness 7.Hemiplegia 8.Cerebral palsy 9.Bowel incontinence 10.Promote relaxation
Biofeedback Contraindications- (2) 1.Any condition where muscle contraction is detrimental 2.Skin irritation at electrode site
Treatment Temperature Guidelines for the purpose of… Acute inflammation of distal extremities Degrees F: 32-79 deg F Degrees C: 0-26 deg C
Treatment Temperature Guidelines for the purpose of… Exercise Degrees F: 79-92 deg F Degrees C: 26-33 deg C
Treatment Temperature Guidelines for the purpose of… Wound care, spasticity Degrees F: 92-96 deg F Degrees C: 33-36 deg C
Treatment Temperature Guidelines for the purpose of… Cardiopulmonary compromise, treatment of burns Degrees F: 96-98 deg F Degrees C: 36-37 deg C
Treatment Temperature Guidelines for the purpose of… Pain Management Degrees F: 99-104 deg F Degrees C: 37-40 deg C
Treatment Temperature Guidelines for the purpose of… Chronic rheumatoid or osteoarthritis, increased range of motion Degrees F: 104-110 deg F Degrees C: 40-44 deg C
TENS Conventional Frequency.... Duration... Amplitude... Frequency: 50-150 Hz Duration: 20-100 microseconds Amplitude: 10-30 mA
TENS Acupuncture-like (AL) Frequency… Duration… Amplitude… Frequency: 1-4 Hz Duration: 100-200 microseconds Amplitude: 30-80mA
TENS Pulse Burst Frequency… Duration… Amplitude… Frequency: 70-100 Hz/burst Duration: 40-75 microseconds Amplitude: 30-60 mA
TENS Brief intense (high intensity) Frequency… Duration… Amplitude… Frequency: 70-100 Hz/burst Duration: 150-200 microseconds Amplitude: 30-60 mA
Filbrillation potenials Indicative of lower motor neuron disease
Positive sharp wave Denervated muscle disorders at rest primary muscle disease such as muscular dystrophy
Fasisculations Irritation/degeneration of anterior horn cell, nerve root compression or muscle spasms
Repetitive discharges Lesions of anterior horn cell and peripheral nerves; and myopathies
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