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word list:18


euphony sweet sound
euphoria feeling of exaggerated well-being
euthansia mercy killing
evanescent fleeting;vanishing
evince show clearly
evenhanded impartial
evocative tending to call up(emotions,memories)
evoke call forth
exalt raise in rank or dignity;praise
exasperate vex
exceptionable objectionable
exchequer treasury
excoriate scold with bitter harshnes;strip skin off
execrable very bad
execrate curse;express abhorrence for
exegesis explanation,esp of biblical passages
exhilarating invigorating and refreshing;cheering
exhort urge
exhume dig out of the ground;remove from the grave
exigency urgent action
exiguous small;minute
exodus departure
exonerate acquit;exculpate
exorcise drive out evil spirits
expatiate talk at length
expatriate exile
expedient suitable;practical;politic
expedite hasten
expiate make amends for(a sin)
expletive interjection;profane oath;curse
explicate explain;interpret;clarify
explicit totally clear;definite;outspoken
exploit deed or action;particularly a brave deed//make use of unjustly
expository explanatory;serving to explain
expostulation protest;remonsterance
expropriate take possession of
expunge cancel;remove
expurgate clean;remove offensive parts of a book
extant still in existence
extemporaneous not planned;improptu
extenuate weaken;mitigate
extirpate root up
extol praise;glorify
extort wring money;get money from threats etc.
extradition surrender of prisoner of 1 state to another
extraneous not essential;superfluous
extrapolation conjecture;projection
extricate free;disentangle
exude discharge;give forth
exult rejoice
facade front of building;superficial or false appearance
facetious joking ofetn inappropiately
facile easily accomplished;ready or fluent;superficial
facsimile copy
faction clique(exclusive circle of ppl with common purpose)
factious inclined to form factions;dissension
factitious artificial;sham
factotum nandyman;person who does all kinds of work
faculty mental or bodily powers//teaching staff
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