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word list:20


flippant lacking proper seriousness
flit fly;dart lightly;pass swiftly
floe mass of floating ice
florid ruddy;reddish;flowry
flotsam drifting wreckage
flounder struggle & thrash abt;proceed clumsily
flout reject;mock
fluke stroke of fortune
fluster confuse
fluted having vertical parallel grooves
flux flowing;series of changes
foible weakness;slight fault;
foil contrast//defeat
foist insert improperly;palm off
foolhardy rash
foppish vain abt dress and appearance
foray raid
forbearance patience
ford place where a river can be crossed on foot
forbears ancestors
foreboding premonition of evil
forensic suitable to debate or courts of law
foreshadow give and indication before hand
forestall prevent by taking action in advance
forlorn sad & lonely
formidable menacing;threatening
forswear renounce;abandon
forte strong point;special talent
forthright straightforeward;frank
fortitude bravery;courage
fortuitous by chance
foster rear;encourage
founder fail completely;sink//person who establishes
fracas melee;brawl
fractious unruly
franchise right granted by authority;right to vote
frantic wild
fraudulent cheating;deceitful
fraught filled
fray brawl
frenetic frenzied;frantic;madly excited
fresco painting on plaster
fret be annoyed;vexed
frieze ornamental band on wall
fritter waste
frivolous lacking seriousness
frolicsome prankish;gay
frond fern,palm,banana leaf
frugality thrifty;economy
fruition bearing fruit
fugitive fleeting;roving
fulminate thunder;explode
functionary official
furor frenzy;gr8 excitement
furtive stealthy;sneaky
fusillade simultaneous firing or outburst of missiles or questions
gadfly animal-biting fly;an irritating person
gaffe social blunder
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