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vocab final,godek

120 vocab words

solicit ask for, to seek
reproach yell at
condescend bring someone down
orthodox hearing to establish principles or doctrines, religion
indolence laziness
congenial pleasant
preclude prevent, to shut out
apprehensive anxious, worried
elaborate detailed
arrogant feeling superior to others, snotty
neutral not taking sides
relegate send away, banish
anecdote short entertaining story
scanty inadequate, minimal
fallacious false
acclaim praise, applause
uniform unchanging, the same for everyone
incoherent chaotic, impossible to understand
repress hold down
articulate speaking clearly and well
fastidious demanding
belligerent quarrelsome, waging war
astute intelligent
languish weak, depressed
censure condemn severely for doing something bad
stagnation motionlessness
mitigate lesson the severity of something
reprehensible worthy of blame or censure
engender produce, to create
exemplary outstanding, great example
volition conscious choice
voluntary willing, unforced
didactic instructive
disparate different
ephemeral short lived, not lasting
compliant yielding, submissive
prosaic dull or unimaginable
profuse extravagant
expedient serving one's immediate self-interest
alleviate lesson, to relieve
negligence carelessness
conspicuous standing out, obvious
advocate speak in favor of
ascetic practicing self-denial
profound deep, insightful
ironic unexpected
dogmatic arrogantly claiming that something(often a system of beliefs) is beyond dispute
condone overlook, permit to happen
dissent disagreement
novel new; original
philanthropy love of mankind
tentative experimental, uncertain
deference submission to another's will
vacillate waver back in fourth, indecisive
fervor passion
dispassionate without passion, neutral
pragmatic practical, down to earth
rigorous strict , harsh
solemn serious, grave
depravity moral corruption
gravity seriousness
banal unoriginal, ordinary
extol praise
euphony pleasant sound
deride ridicule, to laugh at
insipid dull
austere unadorned, stern
expedite to make faster or easier
heresy opinion violently opposed to establish beliefs
augment add to, increase
complacent self - satisfy, please with oneself
guile cunning, duplicity
squander to waste
incessant never ending
laudable worthy of praise
redundant repetitive, unnecessary
infamous shamefully wicked
provocative attracting attention
virulent full of hate, evil
scrutinize examine closely
discord disagreement
repudiate reject, to deny
diligent hard-working
superficial on the surface only, shallow
contempt reproachful, disdain
lucid clear, easy to understand
aesthetic having to do with artistic beauty
prodigal wasteful or extravagant
diverse varied
benevolent kind,good hearted
pious religiously devoted, sometimes falsely
conciliatory making peace
resignation reluctant acceptance of a bad situation
resolute determined, firm
servile submissive
acute sharp, on point
reticent restrained, uncommunicative
anarchy absence of government or control
candid honest
discernment ability to see things clearly
disdain arrogant, scorn
abstract lacking in substance, theoretical
temperate moderate, restrain
enigma mystery
inevitable unavoidable, bound to happen
eccentric weird, kooky
provincial limited and outlook to one's own small corner of the world
futile hopeless
indifferent not caring one way or the other
apathy lack of interest and feeling
obscure unknown, hard to understand
impartial fair
objective without bias
revere honor
discriminate differentiate; see the difference
denounce speak out against
innovate introduce something new, creative
relevant important pertinent
Created by: eunice_martinez
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