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The Westing Game mis

Misc info

What was Sam Westing's favorite holiday ? The Fourth of July
Where did Sydelle Hide the Shorthand notebook? In her bathroom hamper under soiled towels...in her apartment.
What pair found the shorthand notebook? James Hoo and Grace Wexler
What was the buisness Flora Baumbach owned and with who? She and her husband owned a Bride and Groom shop...
What was the name of Flora's daughter? Rosalie
Who found the answer for the quote" May God thy Gold Refine".... The Librarian
Who knew about the quote first,but was not the one who asked about it.... Theo......Angela asked the librarian to look it up..
Where did the quote' may thy gold refine' along with the clues come from.... The Song America the Beautiful
What was the cause of the the first explosion. Cans of tomatoe sauce....at the coffee shop
Who was involved in the first explosion. Catherine Theodorakis
Who noticed the billiard cue stick missing from the rack in the game room. Turtle
Sam Westing Was a great patriot
At what age was Sam Westing ophaned 12 years old
What was Sam Westing's claim to fortune Clean living,hard work and fair play
Where were the donations asked to be sent for Sam Westing's death Blind bowlers of America
Sam Westing was a dedicated gamesman and ..... Master of chess
What pair forfieted theit 10,000 and clues,since they did not appear for the reading of the will Dr Jake Wexler and Madame Hoo
The Judge claimed she was what Chess piece A Pawn
Otis Amber claimed he's what Chess piece The King
Crow claims she's what Chess piece A Queen
Theo made what move on the Chess board .....He didn't know who he was playing with A Black Knight
Theo noticed a piece moved on the Chess board,which was a A White Pawn
Created by: cristina marie