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Chapter 2

SWGTC-R/T-Chapter 2-Wallace-The Production & Properties of x-rays

How are x-rays produced within the tube? Electrons are released from the cathode, zoom over to the anode, collide and x-rays are produced.
negatively charged cathode
positively charged anode
what does the cathode consist of? a focusing cup and 2 filaments
what is a filament? tiny wire made of tungsten and shaped into a coil
why does the anode rotate? the anode rotates while x-rays are being produced so that the production of x-rays happens all around the edge called the focal track.
After x-rays are produced, where do they exit through before reaching the patient? a window
When releasing electrons from the cathode, the current causes the filament wires to get so hot that they glow. This glowing is called_________. incandescence.
The process in which electrons are "boiled off" is called__________. thermionic emission
A small focal spot will produce <better/worse> recorded detail better!
radiation that leaks out through the lead glass and metal housing leakage radiation
heterogeneous/poly energetic the x-ray beam consists of millions of photons that have different energies
the beam that is directed towards the patients body primary beam
three things that can happen as the primary beam enters the body photons could be absorbed, photons could pass through the pts. body and enter the film, or photons could hit something in the body, bounce off and fly in a new direction
the photons that pass through the pts. body and enter the film puts _________ on the film. this radiation is called _______. density, exit radiation
the photons that fly off in a new direction are called ________. scattered radiation
scatter <increases/reduces> radiographic contrast. reduces
phosphors glow when struck by x-rays. this glowing is called __________. fluorescence
an intensifying screen is coated with _________. phosphors
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