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The Westing Game 9-1

Literature chap 9-16

The lost,important business papers referred to on the index card taped to the elevator wall were..... Sydelle Pulaski's shorthand notebook
Grace Wexler treated turtle so nicely for a change because She wanted to see Turtle and Flora's clues
Which tenant hosted an informal party in her apartment because she wanted to learn more about each of the heirs? J.J. Ford
Why did Judge Ford conclude that Grace Windsor Wexler was not related to Sam Westing? Grace claimesd that the relationship was on her father's side; therefore,her maiden name would be have been Westing.
According to James Shin Hoo,how had he been wronged by Sam Westing? Westing stole his idea for the disposable paper diaper.
How did Sydelle Pulaski protect the information in the notes she took at the reading of the will? She wrote them in shorthand and in Polish
Turtle lied to Flora Baumbach when she told her that her real name was Alice
How did Turtle get her nickname? She peeked her head out of her blanket as a baby,and her parents thought she looked like a turtle.
Of whom did Angela remind Flora Baumbach? Violet Westing
Why did Turtle listen to her transister radio in school? She was following the prices of certain stocks.
Who became the hostess and carefully paired up the diners in Mr.hoo's restuarant? Grace Wexler
What does Turtle know about her father that he didn't know she knew? He is a bookie.
What does J.J. Ford do with her $10,000? She gives it to her partner and his family.
Why does Sydelle want Angela to dress as her twin for the party? She thinks that the object of the game may be "twin", not "to win."
Where was Sydelle Pulaski's notebook eventually found? On a table in Mr.Hoo's restuarant
What word did Madame Hoo learn from Otis Amber? Boom!
What question did Judge Ford write on a slip of paper? How many here have actually met Sam Westing?
According to Judge Ford,who are the four people with westing connections? Judge Ford,Sandy McSouthers,George Theodorakis& James Hoo
What kind of timing device did the bomber use? a color-striped candle
According to the firemen,why was it not unusual to have two explosions occur within two days in the same building? There was no ventilation because snow packed over the ducts.
Created by: cristina marie
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