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Theology Chap. 8

Path Through Catholicism

Centerpiece of God's plan for the human race The Church
Five stages of the development of the Church 1. Foreshadowed in creation 2. Prepared for the Old Covenant 3. Instituted by Jesus 4. Revealed by the Spirit 5. Perfected in glory
Foreshadow To point to
Development of the Church Stage 1: Foreshadowed in creation The Trinity's plan was to create human beings who would be invited to share in the Trinity's divine life and love
Prepare To make ready
Development of the Church Stage 2: Prepared for in the Old Covenant The Trinity prepared to extend its invitation of divine life to all peoples through God's covenant with Moses and his people
Institute To set up; to start; to bring into practice
Development of the Church Stage 3: Instituted by Jesus Jesus established the Kingdom of God
Development of the Church Stage 4: Revealed by the Spirit The Holy Spirit came on Pentecost to reveal the Church to all nations, and to empower the Church to disciple all nations
Disciple v. to train; to teach n. one of the 12 personal followers of Christ; one of the 70 followers sent forth by Christ;any other professed follower of Christ in His lifetime.
Development of the Church Stage 5: Perfected in Glory The Church will reach perfection in heaven when the "Kingdom of God" will be fully established
Model An image that helps us to understand a complex reality
Three models used to understand the Church 1. People of God 2. Body of Christ 3. Temple of the Spirit
People of God An assembly of Jesus' followers
How does one join the People of God By spiritual birth - faith in Christ, and baptism into his Body
The Church as Body of Christ Christ and his followers form one body; his followers are members of the body; Christ is their head and source of life
Vatican Independent state inside of Rome, Italy; seat of the world Catholic community
The Church as Temple of the Spirit The Holy Spirit permeates, unites, and enlivens every part of the Body of Christ, forming it into the Spirit's own Temple
Curia Cabinet - a cabinet, or department, of assist the pope
Cardinal Honorary title given to a bishop who has distinguished himself
College of Cardinals Has the duty of electing the pope
Monsignor Honorary title given to a priest who has distinguished himself
Parish An ecclesiastical district having its own church and member of the clergy
Diocese Cluster of parishes, served by a bishop
Archdiocese Cluster of dioceses, overseen by an archbishop
Four Marks of the Church 1. One 2. Holy 3. Catholic 4. Apostolic
Apostolic Originating with the apostles
catholic Universal; involving all
Two dimensions of the Church 1. Divine dimension 2. Human dimension
Divine dimension of the Church Christ himself, who is the head and life of his body, the Church The divine dimension is invisible
Human dimension of the Church The visible dimension The members of the Church
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