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Africa Geography

Sahara Region- 1. Area it covers 2. Why it is expanding 1. From Atlantic to Red Sea 2. Deforestation, drought, and overgrazing
Sahel- 1. Problems 2. How people are making a living 3. Area it covers 4. Why it is expanding 1. Desertification, deforestation, rainfall varies 2. Through agriculture 3. Borders Savanna and desert 4. Becomes bigger due to overgrazing, overpopulation, over farming
Savanna- 1. Why it is expanding 2. What is being done to protect it 1. Overpopulation, poaching 2. Setting aside national parks
Rain Forest- 1. Problems 2. Threats 1. Deforestation, extinction 2. Deforestation, overpopulation
What is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world found in Africa? Lake Tanganyika
What is one of the largest lakes in Africa? Lake Victoria
Which river flows into the Gulf on Guinea? Niger River
What is the longest river in Africa? Nile River
What physical feature extends from Mozambique to Syria? Great Rift Valley
Which mountain has snow all year round? Mount Kilimanjaro
Which desert in Southern Africa has red sand? Kalahari Desert
Which desert is separated from the coast by the Atlas Mountains? Sahara Desert
Which plateau is in Eastern Africa? Ethiopian Highlands
What is the difference between an ethnic group and a religious group? religious shares a common belief; ethnic shares a culture
What is the main Arab religious belief? Muslim
What is the main Swahili religious belief? Believe in spirits, wear amulets to protect themselves, Islam
What is the main Ashanti religions belief? Worship golden stool, traditional, animist
What is the main Bantu religious belief? many different beliefs; mostly traditional and ancestral
Why is the Bantu migration so important to Africa? Blended culture
deforestation population causes it, cutting down trees to clear space for cultivation
desertification over farming, over cultivation, deforestation, over irrigation
water quality parasites are in the water
toxic waste lack of govt. regulations, solution is filtration systems
poor soil overpopulation, deforestation
energy extraction pipe leaks, explosion from seismic service, drawing fluids
preservation of wildlife Deforestation, S- making wildlife preserves
What river flows into the Atlantic Ocean Congo River
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