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rel 4

What is the most pervasive of human right worldwide today violence against women and girls
where can we find Catholic social teaching the teaching of hebrew prophet
What is Catholic social teaching? What are its three aspects teaching of the church deal with that body of church doctrine, that come from what God has reveals to us about, the truth of one human diginty. Two human solidarity. 3 more principles of justice and peace.
nine principles of Catholic social teaching human diginity, respect for life, family community participation, rights and diginity, common good, option for the poor, work and workers, solidarity, stewardship
what does it mean to be in gods image and likness to have diginity to be a child of god, to be speical in his eyes, to have rights and responsibilies, a spiritual nature,
2 consequences of being made in Gods image we are wounded by sin, Evil in error
what does the human soul possess intellect and freewill
what is does it mean to be called social beings not ment to live alone and to live in community and with others
what does jesus reveal about our true identity saved sinners, friend of god, called to be compassionate
what is means for you to be a friend of the lord abba and father
how does jesus want us to manifest justice love others and treat others with respect
why is mother teresa of calcutta a model justice she had respect for the faith and diginty of each person.
human dignity respect due us because we are made in gods image and likness
common good social conditions that help us reach our full human potential
diginity of work and rights of workers fair wages and union participations
stewardship responsible care for gods creations
family, community, participation we are social beings made for each other
solidarity we are sisters and brothers keepers
subsidarity stresses limited goverment role
option for the poor responds to least in our midst
whats the fundatmental human right right to life.
virtue a good habit
3 theological virtues faith, hope, charity
4 cardinal virtues prudence, justice, temperance, courage
types of justice commutatuve, Distributuve, legal, social
can charity subsitues that of Justice NO
pariticipation and community we discover humanity by association with others
subsidiarity work for justice on the most immediate level
common good conditions that allow us access to human fulfillment
solidarity social justic, virtue of sharing with others
natural law aids us in knowing what should be done/ avoided
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