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unibody repair

front end repair

when working on the frame bench always wear protective clothes , safety glasses ,and work gloves
when anchoring a vehicle to the bench position the four anchoring stands below the pinchwelds according to U M S anchoring instructions
when selecting pulling attachments chain connectors,hooks,and pull plates are chosen per auto manufacturer and vehicle design
select the proper pulling method always choose the a proper pulling angle when stress relieving a damaged area
knowing the direction and pulling pressure you must use a vehicle dimension guide which tells the technician the proper pulling measurements
when making multiple pulls using the towers, a technician should always view the correction process measurements when pulling and always use the tram guage as an alternate means of checking the dimensions of the vehicle.
when making an up or down pull pull on a stuctural part use an auxiliary ram,extension tubing, and the down pull wheel attachment
Created by: tmccarthy