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LA Harlem Ren Final

LA 1st semester final on the Harlem Renaissance; Langston Hughes and Bessie Smit

Time period of the Harlem Renaissance Between the end of WWI and the Great Depression.
The New Negro By Alain Locke. Black Americans were claiming a new identity. Helped to redefine their heritage and celebrate their history.
The Harlem Renaissance was a turning point in AA cultural history.
Reasons for the Great Migration (rural south-> urban north) Decline in southern economy conditions gave less opportunities than the promised jobs, housing and improved education in the north. Opression in south vs Harlem, NY, the Mecca of the New Negro.
Nicknames for Harlem The Mecca of the New Negro The culture Capital of the Black World The City of Refuge The Promised Land
Musical Innocations from Harlem Negro Spirituals, Gospel, Blues/Jazz Age.
Black Theater Black Broadway '21-'29 (Shuffle Along) Black Dramas Chocolate Dandies adn the Charleston
AA identity dilemma "twoness-an American, a Negro"
Literary Contributions of Black Women Jessie Fauset: editor of THE CRISIS Nella Larsen: QHICKSAND and PASSING Zora Neale Hurston: one of the most important folklorists and novelists of the age.
New Mood in Lit. "If We Must Die" Defiant vioice of a New Negro called for militancy and self-defence.
AA Organizations NAACP National Association for the Advancement of Colored People National Association of Colored Women's Clubs UNIA Universal Negro Improvement Association
Pan Africanism Marcus Garvey (UNIA "1 G-d! 1aim! 1 destiny!") and Claud McKay(If We Must Die)worked for a united, black Africa.
Southern Past Jean Toomer: poems in CANE Rudolph Fisher: Short stories; MISS CYNTHIE
Inspiration of Langston Hughes and Zora Neale Hurston Folk tales, spirituals and blues.
Langston Hughes Knew little of south. Celebrated northern blacks Rhythms in music and inflections in speech Gospel plays, blues and jazz poetry.
Zora Neale Hurston Floridian Black southerners' speech patterns (Their Eyes were watching G-d=her masterpiece)
Led to the end of the Era The Great Deppression ended optimism New eploitation and racism (economic) Symbol of disillusionment rather than hope.
Created by: Agardengirl
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