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LA Emerson Thoreau

LA final of 1st Semester, Emerson and Thoreau Essays

Transcendentalism 1836-1860 Was a part of Romanticism that accounted for life in other than material terms (cant be proven).
Transcendentalism emphasized: nature, individuality, the Universe being an interconnected family.
Dualism reality>Unity(family)>spirit>ideas actuality>multiplicity>body>things
Pragmatic Mysticism (Epiphany) An unplanned process resulting in a 'light bulb moment'
Transparent eyeball "I am nothing; I see all; the currents of the Universal Being circulate through me; I am part or parcel of G-d."
Centrality of consciousness reality |mind| reason/insight actuality |mind| understanding
Only sin the only sin is limitation/not seeing your options.
Nature Nature is a metaphor for the human mind.
Oversoul power becoming manifest/individual souls becoming part of an entity.
Brook Farm a social movement (co-op/incestuous family) and Utopian society
(Emerson) Access higher laws Directly through nature, rather than indirectly through teachings of the past.
Emerson's definition Essayist is too limited, and philosopher is too broad. The best term, perhaps, is poet.
Emerson's mom A strict Calvinist; emphasized self-sacrifice and energy.
Emerson on Religion rejected institutional religion in favor of a personal relation with G-d. Religious truth is an intuition that can't be received SECOND HAND.
Thoreau as a teacher objected corporal punishment.
Walden Pond Thoreau wrote of the four seasons and his experience there. THE SUPREME WORK OF TRANSCENDENTALIST LIT.
Thoreau influenced who? writers, environmentalists and social and political leaders by making them aware of the possibilities of the human spirit and the limitations of society.
Created by: Agardengirl
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