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Joey's social studies test study guide 1-20-11

The study of Earth's features or shapes geography
A place where ships can dock port
The place where the leaders of a country or state meet and work capital city
The kind of weather a place has each season year after year climate
The natural shape of the land landform
Something found in nature, such as weather and plant life--also land and water physical feature
true/false--Mountains are one kind of highland. TRUE
The 2 LARGEST MOUNTAIN RANGES, or groups of mountains are.... the Rocky Mountains and the Appalachian mountains.
______________ are the lowlands between hills and mountain ranges Valleys
The Rocky mountains are in the ________ part of our country. Western
The Appalachian Mountains are in the _______ part. Eastern
The Rocky Mountains are very ____ and their tops are mostly _______. high/ pointed
The Appalachian Mountains are ______ and their tops are _______. lower/ rounded
_______ are also highlands-they have steep sides like some mountains, but their tops are flat. plateaus
_______ are lowlands--they are flat or nearly flat. plains
A _________ is a piece of land that has water almost all the way around it. peninsula
Communities are also built on _______- the land next to oceans, or on the shores of lakes, or along rivers. coasts
places with hot-dry climates... deserts
Features that people have added to a place are its _____-____ features. human-made features
A ______ is a place where ships can stay safe from high waves and strong winds. harbor
_____ _______ are communities where buying and selling goods is the main work. Trade centers
______ are the parts of rivers where the water runs very fast, often over rocks. Rapids
A _____ is a way to organize information. table
__________ is the number of people who live in a place. population
A _____ is a path from one place to another---it can be a river, a road, a railroad, or even a hiking trail. route
A place where 2 routes cross is called a ________. crossroads
A _____ is a boat that carries people and goods across a waterway. ferry
A ______ is a road built over a waterway. bridge
A ____ is a shallow place in a waterway that can be crossed by walking, riding or driving. ford
Crops are plants used by people for food or other needs. (T/F) true
A _______ ________ is something found in nature that people can use. natural resource
Trees, water,animals and soil are all examples of _______ resources. natural
The months in which crops can grow are called the _______ ______. growing season
Growing seasons depend on the ______ of a place. climate
A _______ such as silver, gold and iron, is a resource found inside the Earth. mineral
Minerals can be used to make metal tools, glass or jewelry.(T/F) true
______ such as coal and oil, are also found inside the Earth. fuels
Fuels can be burned for heat and for power to make machines work. (T/F) true
_____ towns are towns with buildings but no people. ghost
The raising of crops and farm animals is _______. agriculture
The _______ is the building where the lawmakers meet. capitol
A _____ _______ is a city where lawmakers meet to make laws for a state. state capital
A part of a state is called a ______. county
A _____ ____ is a city or town where country leaders meet. county seat
_______ are the lines on a map that show where one country or one start ends and another begins. boarders
Borders are also called __________. boundaries
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