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Africa Geography SG

Tuesday's Test Review

Sahara Region: Area it covers Northern Africa
Sahara Region: Why is it expanding Deforestation, Human Mismanagment (over grazing, cultivation, irrigation, etc)
Sahel: Problems Deforestation, Desertification
Sahel: How people make a living Traditional Life (herding, substinence farming)
Sahel: Area it covers Strip between Savanna and Sahara
Sahel: Why is it expanding Population Growth, scarce resources
Savanna: Dangers that affect it Grass Fires, Population, droughts
Savanna: What is being done? Setting aside large portions of the land for animals
Rainforest: Problems Habitat Loss, extinction
Rainforest: Threats Deforestation (commercial logging), cleared land
One of the Largest Freshwater Lakes Lake Tanganyika
One of the Largest Lakes in Africa Lake Victoria
What river flows into the Gulf of Guinea? Niger River
The longest river in Africa Nile River
What river flows into the Atlantic? Congo River
The physical feature that extends from Mozambique to Syria Great Rift Valley
Which mountain has snow all year round Mt. Kenya
Which desert has red sand? Kalahari
Which desert is separated from the coast by the Atlas Mountains Sahara
Which major plateau is in eastern Africa Ethiopian Highlands
Diff. between Ethnic and Religious Group Ethnic-is born into Religious-can choose
Main Arab religious belief Muslim
Main Swahili religious belief Traditional
Main Ashanti religious belief Traditional
Main Bantu religious belief Traditional
Why is the Bantu migration so important to Africa Spread culture, language, religion, knowledge, trade, etc
Deforestation CS C-forests rarley replanted>population,logging S-replenish soil plant more
Desertification CS C-Deforestation, human mismanagment S-plant trees to hold soil
Water Quality CS C-parasites S-UNICEF and WHO are providing efforts
Toxic Waste CS C-waste damaging resources S-law placed to ban waste
Poor Soil CS C-grazing, substinence agriculture,slash burn S-fertilizers
Energy Extraction CS C-Oil main source in Africa S-gov cooruption attempts
Preservation of Wildlife CS C-hunting, complicated process S-laws placed
Created by: Squirtz99