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word list:29


lout clumsy person
low moo(sound by bovines)
lucrative profitable
lucre money
ludicrous laughable;trifling
lugubrious mournful
lull moment of calm
lumber move heavily or clumsily
lumen unit of light energy(one candle's worth)
luminary celebrity;dignitary
lunge make a quick foreward dive or each;thrust
lurid wild;sensational;graphic;gruesome
lurk steathily lie in waiting;slink;exist unperceived
luscious pleasing to taste or smell
macabre gruesome;grisly
mace ceremonial staff;clublike medieval weapon
macerate soften by soaking in liquid;waste away
Machiavellian crafty;double-dealing
machinations evil schemes;plots
maculated spotted;stained
madrigal pastoral song
maelstorm whirlpool
magnanimity generosity
magnate person of prominence or influence
magniloquent boastful;pompous
maladroit clumsy;bungling
malady illness
malapropism comic misuse of a word
malediction curse
malefactor evildoer;criminal
malevolent wishing evil
malfeasance wrongdoing
malign speak evil of;bad mouthed;defame
malingerer one who feigns illness to escape duty
mammoth gigantic;enormous
manacle restrain;handcuff
mangy shabby;wretched
manifesto declaration;statement of policy
manifold numerous;varied
mannered affected;not natural
manumit emancipate;free from bondage
maritime bordering on the sea;nautical
marred damaged;disfigured
marshal put in order
martinet Someone who demands exact conformity to rules and form
masochist person who enjoys his own pain
matriculate enroll(in college or graduate school)
matrix point of originn;array of numbers or algebraic numbers;mold or die
maudlin effusively sentimental
maul handle roughly
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