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English Final

American Adam Charicteristics part1 1.He is liberated from falimly history, ties, traditions, and the past 2. He is alienated from the community 3. He is completley independent and self-reliant 4. He is basically innocent. He is a pre-lapsarian Adam. 5. He lives in harmony with nature
American Adam Charicteristics part 2 He's optimistic and believes in the beauty of life He has vast potentialities and is very recourseful He is noble Lives in a pasotral setting (woods, farm, on the river, in the wilderness)
Catolouge A list of items with descriptive details
Feliz Coupla Fourtanate Fall
Puritan Plain Style The preferred style of writing for puritan writers that showed their rejection of popular ornate writings in 17th century England. THe puritans felt the ornate style was self-glorifing in its learned allusion, flights of fantasy and rhetorical devices.
Myth Anonoymous stories having their roots in primitive folklore of races or nations and presenting supernatural episodes as a means of interpreting natural events.
Archetype A symbol, usually an image, which occurs often enough in Lit. to be recognizeable as an element of one's literary experience as a whole. It is a character type that occurs frequently and evokes profound emotion in the reader.
Legend Has more of a historical background and less of the supernatural than a myth
Promotion Lit. Written to persuade others to come to America.
Allusion When the author refers to another body of work that he assumes the reader already knows
Personification Giving lifelike qualities to an inatimate object
Paradox A statement, which while seemingly contradictory or absurd, is actually well founded or true. It is used to attract attention or to prove and Emphisis
Diction An authors word choice
Genre A particular type of Lit.
Hyperbole A great exaggeration
Pathos the quality which stimulates pity or tenderness or sorrow in the reader; it is unmerited grief
Inverted Syntax When the normal word order of a sentence is reversed
Rhyme The similarity of sound existing between accented syllables occupying corresponding positions within 2 or more lines of poetry
Common Meter a 4 line stanza in which the first and third line have 8 sylabbles in Iambic tetramater and the second and fourth lines have 6 syllables in iambic trimeter
Meter The regular arrangement of stresses and un-stresses syllables
Couplet Two lines that rhyme
Poetic Envelope When the first and last part of a work has the same image phrsas or words so it is all tied together
Foutteener Eight line stanzas with two couplets whose lines countain 14 sylabbles
Heroic Couplet Thwo lines that rhyme and express a complete thought
Irony The idea is expressed in words that carry the opposite meaning
Motif A recurring theme, idea, situation, or device
Meta-Physical Poetry Th psychological analysis of emotion of love and religion. It is intellectual, analytical, and is characterized by inverted word order and the imaginitive connecting of ideas
Lexesura A pause in a line of poetry indicate by puncuation
Imagery A collection of images, symbols, similies, and metaphors
Conciet When a metaphor forms the framework of the enitre poem
Petrarchan Conceit Love poems and sonnets in which the subject of the poem is compared to some object
Meta-Physical Conceit Comples, startling, and highly intellectual analogies are made
Pun a play on word based on the similaty of sound between two words with different meanings
Typology A methof of Bible study in which OT people, things, and events are seen to prefigure or foreshadow elements in the NT
Allegory A form of extended metaphor in which the charachters, places, and events represent certain abstract qualities or ideas designed to teach a moral truth.
Doublers When the author does a reversal of the same word, one time as a verb and one time as a noun in close proximity
Created by: r.hochstein94
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