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word list:30


mausoleum monumental tomb
mauve pale purple
maverick rebel;nonconfirmist
mawkish Effusively or insincerely emotional;maudlin
maxim proverb;a truth pithily stated
mayhem injury to body
mealymouthed indirect in speech;hypocritical;evasive
meander wind or turn in its course
meddlesome interfering
meek submissive;patient & long suffering
megalomania mania for doing grandiose things
melee fight
mellifluous sweetly or smoothly flowing;melodious
memorialize commemorate
menagerie collection of wild animals
mendacious lying;habitually dishonest
mendicant beggar
menial suitable for servants;lowly;mean
mercenary motivated solely by money or gain
mercurial capricious;changing;fickle
meretricious specious in vulgar manner relating to prostitutes
mesmerize hypnotize
metaphysical Highly abstract or theoretical; abstruse.
mete measure;distribute
meteoric swift;momentarily brilliant
mettle courage;spirit
miasma swamp gas;heavy,vaporous atmosphere,often emanating from decaying matter;pervasive corrupting influence
microcosm small world;the world in miniature
milieu environment;means of expression
militate work against
minatory meancing;threatening
mincing affectedly dainty(beautiful,charming)
minion a servile dependent
minuscule extremely small
minutiae petty details
mire entangle;stick in swampy ground
mirth merriment;laughter
misapprehension error;misunderstanding
miscellany mixture of writings on various subjects
misconstrue interpret incorrectly;misjudge
misdemeanor minor crime
misgivings doubts
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