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Poetry/Writing terms


Personification Compares an idea,an inanimate object,or animal to a person by giving it human quanties...Example My camera loves me.
Alliteration The repetition of a beginning consonant sound.It is a sound device used to create melody or mood. Helps tocreate melody or mood. Example: Alice's aunt ate apples and corns around August.
Similes that compares two different things by linking them using the word like OR, AS. Examples: This cloud looks like a horse. The Sidewalk is as hot as the sun.
Metphors Compares two subjects,but without using the words like OR,AS. EXAMPLES: We won the basketball game.I had a sandwich for lunch today.
Cliches Is overused expressions. Similes can be cliches. EXAMPLES: These books way a ton. These books way as much as a cow.
4 Essay Styles Persuasive....Describtive....Narrative....Expository
Vividly Describes a person,place,thing idea. Use of adjectives,strong active verbs,emotions and feelings. 5 ways....Smells,Feels,Tastes,Sight and Sounds
Number Poem Poem gets its theme/meaning from the number....The number of lines = the number of digits....Each digit indicates the number of syllables in the line....Doesn't have to rhyme.....First word of each line is capitalized.....No set punctation rules....If the
Pryamid Poem Organized roughly in a shape of a pryamid.This poem challenges you to use a variety of words and phrase to describe a subject.
Haiku From Japan...About nature...Includes a watercolor...Has only 3 lines....The first line must be 5.....The 2nd line must be 7....The 3rd line must be 5
Rhyme Is the repetition of a syllable sound.
Rhythm Is the arrangement of stressed syallables and unstressed syallables in writing and speech
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