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laity lay persons;persons not onnected with the clergy(religious persons)
lambaste beat;thrash verbally or physically
lament grieve;express sorrow
lmpoon ridicule
lancet small surgical tool for making incisions
languid sluggish'weary;listless
languish lose animation or strength
languor lassitude;depression
lank long & thin
larceny theft
larder pantry or place where food is kept
largess generous gift
lascivious lustful
latent potential but undeveloped;dormant
latitude freedom from narrow limitations
lavish liberal;wasteful
lax careless
leaven cause to rise or grow lighter;enliven
lechery gross lewdness;lustfulness
lectern reading desk
leery suspicious;cautious
leeway room to move;margin
legacy a gift made by will
legend explanatory list of symbols on a map
legerdemain magic & adroitness
leonine like a lion
levee earthen or stone wmbankment to prevent flooding
levitate float in air(esp by magical means)
levity lack of seriousness or steadiness;frivolity
lexicographer compiler of dictionary
lexicon dictionary
liaison contact that keeps parties in communication;go-between;secret love affair
libel defamatory statement;act of writing something tat smears the person's character
libertine One who acts without moral restraint
libidinous lustful
libido emotional urges behind human activity
libretto text of an opera
licentious amoral;lewd and lascivious;unrestrained
lien legal claim on property
ligneous like wood
limber flexible
limbo region near heaven or hell where certain souls r kept;a prison
limn draw;outline;describe
limpid clear
lineaments features,esp of the face
lionize treat as celebrity
liquidate settle the accounts;clear up
list tilt;lean over
listless lacking in spirit or energy
litany A prayer consisting of a series of invocations by the priest with responses from the congregation
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