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word list:27


jabber chatter rapidly or unintelligbly
jaded fatigued;surfeited
jargon technical terminology
jaundiced prejudiced(envious;hostile;resentful);yellowed
jaunt trip;short journey
jaunty lighthearted;animated;easy & carefree
jeopardize endanger;imperil;put at risk
jettison throw overboard
jibe agree;be in harmony with
jingoist extremely aggresive & militant patriot;war-like chauvnist
jocose given to joking
jocular said or done in jest
jocund merry
jostle shove;bump
juggernaut irresistible crushing force
junket trip,esp 1 taken for pleasure at public expense
junta A group of military officers ruling a country after seizing power
jurisprudence science of law
kaleidoscope An optical toy in a tube; it produces symmetrical patterns as bits of colored glass are reflected by mirrors
ken range of knowledge
kernel central or vital part
killjoy grouch;spoilsport
kindred related;similar in nature or character
kismet fate
kleptomaniac person who has compulsive desire to steal
knave untrustworthy person;rogue;scoundrel
knell tolling of bell esp to indicate a funeral
knit contract into wrinkles;grow together
knoll little,round hill
knotty intricate;tangled;difficult
kudos honor;glory;praise
labyrinth maze
lachrymose producing tears
lackadaisical lacking purpose or zest(laughter)
laconic brief & to the point
laggard slow;sluggish
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