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Def mechz Psych

defense mechanisms

Nomadism inability to commit, can't stay in one job, one house, one relationship
Negativism disliking everything mentioned, excessive use of sarcasm, being highly defensive, consistent complaining- "victim"
Avoidance avoiding the problem, not facing reality
Withdrawl emotionally withdrawing yourself from a situation
Apathy acting unemotional
Procrastination putting things off
Substitution finding unacceptable or illegal outlets for id energy, alcohol, substance abuse
Sublimation POSITIVE MECHANISM- finding acceptable outlets for id energy, signing up for boxing to control anger
overcompensation putting others down, ridiculing people, acting superior to hide your feelings of inferiority
compensation making up for personal lack or handicap by doing something else well; highlighting your assets- denying personal lack
Fantasy creating a make believe world
Identification copying behavior, beliefs, lifestyle and other characteristics of someone else- hero worship
Displacement taking out your emotions on substitute people or objects
Projection the unconscious attribution of negative feelings onto another person or group
Rationalization an attempt to substitute "good" reasons for real reasons, make the bad things good- kind of denial
Suppression intentionally/consciously trying to forget an unpleasant experience from memory
Repression unconsciously pushing unpleasant memory into unconscious mind
compartmentalization dividing your life into separate air-tight compartments to avoid inconsistencies
intellectualization dismissing anxiety by analyzing emotional issues intellectually and converting them into theory rather than action
emotional insulation not showing feelings, shutting down "leave me alone"
reaction-formula behaving the opposite of how you really feel over a period of many years " living a lie"
undoing trying to atone for bad behavior by pretending it never happened
Denial refusal to accept the painful truth
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