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Chap 24 China and It

Social Studies

The........ended with the signing of the Treaty of nanking in 1842. Opium War
The........waged by peasants in China cost 20 million lives and was finally crushed in 1868. Tiaping Rebellion
By the end of the Long March,.........was the leader of the Communist party in China. Mao Zedong
In 1958, a program called the ..........was established in China to speed up economic development. Great Leap Forward
The modernization of Japan took place in the late 1800's during a period known as the..... Merj Restoration
During World War II, the United States dropped the atomic bomb on Japanese cities of.....and..... Nagasaki.....Hiroshima
.....was the military commander under Sun Yat-sen and later became the Nationalist leader of China. Chang Ki Shek
In the government of Japan, the parliament is called the Diet. Answer .....TRUE OR FALSE TRUE
Since 1989,many countries have praised China for protecting its citizens'human rights. ANSWER.......TRUE OR FALSE FALSE
Tiananmen Square is the home of the government in Taiwan. Answer......TRUE OR FALSE FALSE
Zither is a popular form of poetry in China. ANSWER.......TRUE OR FALSE FALSE
Most people in China belong to an ethnic group called the Han. ANSWER TRUE OR FALSE TRUE
In North Korea,the government guarantees freedom of religion to all citizens. ANSWER TRUE OR FALSE FALSE
Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry in which the poem has 17 syllables. ANSWER TRUE OR FALSE TRUE
Which revolt began in 1900 and was intended to rid China of all foreigners? Boxer Rebellion
Who founded the Chinese Nationalist Party and hoped China would become a democracy? Sun Yat-sen
In 1934,the Communists began a retreat known asthe Long March
During the Cultural Revolution,Mao was supported by a group called the Red Guards
In 1989,many chinese protesters calling for democracy gathered in Tiananmen Square
Which country has been an independent republic only since 1991? Mongolia
Today, China is the world's leading producer of Rice
Which is a form of Japanese poetry? Haiku
What form of government does Japan have today? Constitutional monarchy
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