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Vocab-Mid Notes

Social Studies

Material found in nature that people can use Natural Resource
The pattern of weather in a place over a long period of time Climate
The water that falls to the Earth as rain,snow,sleet,or hail. Precipitation
A variety of plants and trees Vegetation
A place where plants or animals live Habitat
Smaller communities near a city Suburbs
A large area of high almost level land Plateau
The slow wearing away of soil and stone by wind and water Erosion
A harbor or place where ships can load and unload cargo and be safe from storms. Port
Is a piece of land almost completely surrounded by water. Peninsula
Is the preserved remains of a plant or animal from long ago Fossil
A scientist who learns about the past by studing fossils Paleontologists
A scientist who studies the lives and cultures of people from the past Archaeologist
A shelled sea creature ,also became extinct Trilobite
Person who travels in search for food Nomads
The planting of seeds and growing of crops Agriculture
Fenced walls made from logs,built to protect their villages from attack Palisade
They brought with them.....or PRODUCTS,to trade with the Native Americans Goods
Governor of New Sweden Johan Printz
Governor of New Netherland Peter Stuyvesant
Daughter of Johan Printz,who kept her father's estate in Pennsylvania....called TINICUM ISLAND Armegott Printz
To have good fortune Prosper
To work together Cooperate
The ability to fight off, these diseases Immunity
He was an English explorer hired by the Dutch/Holland who explored the Delaware Bay Henry Hudson
He was believed to be the First European to set foot in Pennsylvania Etienne Brule
A Dutch captain started a fair trading post near present-day Philadelphia Cornelius Hendrickson
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