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FH ecco3 c2 voc p31

FH ecco3 c2 vocab p.31

cantante singer
dolore pain
esercizio fisico physical exercise
fitness exercises/sports undertaken to keep fit
fisico physique
forma fitness
grinta drive, determination
pigrone very lazy person
pisolino nap
polso pulse; wrist
principiante beginner
schiavista task master
servizio service
sudore sweat
telecomando remote control
in palestra in the gym
attrezzo equipment; machine
bilanciere bar bell
cyclette exercise bike
pesi liberi weights
spogliatoio changing room
tapis roulant treadmill
vogatore rowing machine
accelerato quickened
bestiale amazing
faticoso tiring
muscoloso muscular
qualche some, a few
tonificato toned
allenarsi to train, work out
mantenersi in forma to keep fit
migliorare to improve
rallentare to slow down
rilassarsi to relax
sudare to sweat
tonificarsi to tone up
alla minima at the lowest (speed)
che fatica what hard work
che schianto what a knockout
come fare what to do
d'accordo I agree
fa per me is rght for me
niente dolore, niente risultati no pain, no gain
non ce la faccio piu I can't take it anymore
sono dsitrutto I'm exhausted
tanto in any case
Created by: gdirosario