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Westing Game Ch 1-8


On what day did a 62-year old delivery boy delivery boy deliver letters from a real estate agent which invited the recipients to rent space in the Sun Towers apartment building? Fourth of July
This heir saw the "limper" enter the Westing masion and later saw smoke coming from its chimney. Chris Theodorakis
How many minutes did Turtle remain in the Westing house,and how much money was she owed as a result? 12 minutes;24 dollar
Turtle hoped to win enough money from the bet to pay for what? a subscription to the Wall Street Journal
The Westing Heirs all are supposed Samuel Westing. Nieces and Nephews
Which heir notices that a chess piece on the board in the game room has been moved and begins to play a game of chess with a mysterious opponent? Theo
Per the Westing will,what does Sam Westing indicate will be done after the heirs view his body for the last time? His ashes will be scattered to the four winds
After each pair of heirs is given an enelope containing a set of clues,what else are they told? It's what you don't have that counts
The day after the will is read and heirs are paired, what happens at Sunset Towers? ALL OF THE ABOVE....A blizzard shuts off the power...Camp-made candles are sold for $5 each....The residents become suspicious of one another
What does Sydelle Pulaski have that the others heirs want? Notes taken at the reading of the Westing will
The heirs are given clues to the mystery which are written on what? Westing paper towels
How did Violet Westing die? She drowned
Created by: cristina marie
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