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word list:23


hibernal wintry;sleeping throught winter
hieroglyphic picture writing
hilarity boisterous mirth
hinterlands back country
hireling one who serves for hire
hirsute hairy
histrionic theatrical
hoard stockpile;accumulate for future use
hoary white with age
hoax trick;practical joke
holocaust destruction by fire
holster pistol case
homily sermon;serious warning
hone sharpen
hoodwink deceive;delude
horde crowd
hortatory encouraging;exhortive
hovel shack;small,wretched house
hover hang about;wait nearby
hubbub confused uproar
hubris arrogance;excessive self-conceit
humane marked by kindness or consideration
humdrum dull;monotonous
hummock small hill
humus substnce formed by decaying vegetable matter
hurtle crash;rush
husband use sparingly;conserve;save
husbandry frugality;thrift;agriculture
hypercritical excessively exacting
hypochondriac person who is unduely worried about his health;worrier without cause about illness
ideology system of ideas which r charteristic of a grp of persons
idiosyncracy individual trait,usually odd in nature;eccentricity
idyllic charmingly carefree;simple
igneous produced by fire;volcanic
ignoble unworthy;not noble
ignominy deep disgrace;shame or dishonour
illimitable infinite
imbecility weaknes in mind
imbroglio complicated sitiuation
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