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SIE- App Science I

final review

what do you call physicians who treat skin disorders and disease? dermatologist
diagnosing skin conditions is not within the scope of your: license
lesions in the early stages of development are: primary lesions
the medical term for freckles is: macules
what is the correct term for an insect bite, skin allergy,reaction, or sting that becomes swollen? wheal
scratching or scraping the skin can produce a(an): excoriation
a thin plate of epidermal cells is called: scale
what is the bedical term for chronic inflammation of the sebaeous glands? acne
incflammation, dry or oily scaling or crusting, and/or itchiness is caused by: seborrheic dermatitis
pearl-like masses of white material under the skin with no visible openings are called: milia
when oilier areas of the face develop benign lesions, it is called: sebaceous hyperplasia
disorders of the sudoriferous glands include: anhidrosis, bromhidrosis, and hyperhidrosis
a condition characterized by bacteria and yeast that causes a foul odor is called: bromhidrosis
perspiration deficiency caused by failure of the sweat glands is called: anhidrosis
when excessive heat exposure causes an acute inflammatory disorder of the sweat glands is called: milaria rubra
atopic dermatitis is: a rash
a condition characterized by painful itching and inflammation with dry or moist lesions is called: eczema
the medical term for hives is: urticaria
pruritis is a condition characterized by: itching
spicy foods, alcohol, caffeine, exposure to extreme temperatures, heat, sun, and stress aggrivate: rosacea
red patches covered with white-silver scales on the scalp, elbows, knees, chest, and low back are characteristics of: psoriasis
the medical term for a distended capillary is: telangiectasia
estheticians commonly develop skin allergies on the: cheeks, fingers, palms, and backs of hands
what can exposure to an allergen cause? allergic reaction
allergic reactions to esthetic treatments are commonly found in these areas: scalp, hairline, forehead, and neckline
substances that can irritate the skin are: caustic
what is a port wine stain? vascular nevus
the general term for dark blotchy spots on the skin is: hyperpigmentation
when the entire body lacks melanin, it is called: albinism
congenital spotty hypopigmentation is called: leukoderma
what is the medical term for a callus? keratoma
keratosis pilaris can be treated by an esthetician with a(an) ___________ service. esfoliation
a thickening of the skin caused by a mass of keratinized cells is called: hyperkeratosis
a non-viral flap of skin is called a: skin tag
what causes 90% of skin cancers? sun exposure
photoaging can be seen in the: 20s or before
when is tanning safe? never
80 % of sun damage occurs by age... 18
what is the most deadly form of skin cancer? malignant melanoma
describe the appearance of malignant melanoma: asymmetrical, uneven borders, uneven color
this term is interchangeable with infectious or communicable: communicable disease
the medical term for cold sores or fever blisters is: herpes simplex virus
what is the medical term for ringworm? tinea corporis
comedones and blemishes are symptoms of what condition? acne
p. acnes bacteria are ___________, meaning they cannot live in the presence of oxygen. anaerobic
nodules with deep pockets of infection are called: cysts
acne in the dermis that causes depressed and raised scars is called: cystic acne
acne is caused by: genetics/heredity, clogged pores, bacteria
all male hormones are called: androgens
which group of people is most likely to have adult acne? women
when the chin developes acne, it can be caused by: hormones
which type of product causes clogged pores? comedogenic
what are some acne irritants? MSG and minerals obtained form an ocean source, iodides and fast food, kelp and cheese
grade I acne symptoms include: minor breakouts, mostly open comedones, and few papules
grade III acne symptoms include: red and inflamed skin, many comedones, and papules, and pustules
grade II acne symptoms include: many closed comedones, more open comedones, and occasional papules and pustules
grade IV acne symptoms include: cystic acne
medications that treat acne include: tretinoin, adapalene, azelaic acid
Created by: Lizziewiz
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