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word list--22


gouge tear out//overcharge
gourmand epicure;person who takes excessive pleasure in food & drink
gourmet connoisur of food & drink
graduated arranged by degrees(of height;difficulty)
grandiose pretentious;high-flown;impressive
grapple wrestle;come to grips with
grate make a harsh noise;hae an unpleasant effect;shred
gratify please
gratis free
gratuitous given freely;unwarranted;uncalled for
gratuity tip
grill question severely
grimace a facial distortion to show feeling of pain;disgust
grisly ghastly
grotesque fantastic;comically hideous
grotto small cavern
grouse complain;fuss
grovel creep or crawl on ground;remin prostrate
grudging unwilling;stingy;reluctant
gruel thin;liquid porridge
grueling exhausting
gruesome grisly;horrible
gruff rough-mannered
guffaw boisterous laughter
gull trick;hoodwink
gusto enjoyment;enthusiasm
gusty windy
guy cable or chain attached to something that needs to be steadied or braced
gyroscope apparatus used to meaure direction or balance
hackles hairs on back and neck,esp of a dog
haggard wasted away;gaunt(lean,angular;barren)
haggle argue about prices
halcyon calm;peaceful
hale healthy
hallowed blessed;consecrated
hap luck;chance
hapless unfortunate
harbinger forerunner
harbor provide a refuge for hide
harping tiresome dwelling on a subject
harrowing agonising;distressing;traumatic
harry harass;annoy;torment;raid
hatch an opening, usually rectangular, in the deck through which passengers can pass, cargo can be loaded or unloaded
haughty pride;arrogance
haven place of safety;refuge
headlong hasty;rash
heckler person who verbally harasses others
hedonist one who believes that pleasure is the sole aim of life
hegemony dominance,esp of 1 nation over others
heresy opinion contrary to popular belief
hermetic seald by usion so as to be airtight//obscure & mysterious;occult
hew cut to pieces with ax or sword
heyday time of greatest success;prime
hiatus gap;pause
Created by: physio_sambit