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Suject-Verb Agreemen


LIST SUBJECT AND VERB: The library books,including a biography,( was, were )on the table. BOOKS ...SUBJECT WERE ...VERB
(Is Are ) you going to the movies this weekend with Myrtle You ...Subject Are ...Verb
The Legends of Camelot (provide, Provides)source material for the fiction and poetry of modern generations. legends...Subject Provide Verb
The second game of the series (was, were)played at Yankee Stadium. game ...Subject was Verb
In the yard (is are) many large, old trees. trees...Subject are Verb
The interesting sites in the European cities (account, accounts) for the extensive tourist trade. sites...Subject account Verb
The construction of the new houses (seem seems)inferior the the construction of the old houses. construction...Subject seems Verb
There (was, were) only one person in the car. person...Subject was Verb
A stack of old dollar bills (was,were) waiting to be shredded. stack...Subject was Verb
Jacqueline's description of her travels (enthrall enthralls) the readers of her column. description...Subject enthralls verb
There (is are) twenty flowers inthe vase on the table. flowers...Subject are verb
A shipment of bananas (is are) expected soon from South America. bananas...Subject is verb
The old chest (belongs belong) to the local museum. chest...Subject belongs verb
More agreement for compond subjects. Many a man and woman(buys buy) foolish things at times. Verb buys
Each senator and representative (was were) present for the critical vote. Verb was
No fortune and no position in life (makes make) a guilty person happy. Verb makes
Almost every plate and glass (was were) in the sink after dinner. Verb was
The football team and the soccer team each (has have) a new coach. Verb have
Subject and verb. The portraits of George Washington, together with a statue, (was were) donated to the museum. Subject...portraits Verb were
You (is are) an execellent snowboarder. Subject...You Verb are
She (worry worries) about the consequences of her actions. Subject...She verb worries
asoline, as well as the cost of cars,(has have) increaed dramatically. Subject...Gasoline verb has
Agreement using Don't and Doesn"t correctly. Our plane doesn't leave until after lunch. Don't you understand the problem?
Don't you understand the problem?
Doesn't he realize the value of a good education?
You don't seem to mind the cold as much as most people do.
They don't want help to push the car.
Agreement for compound subjects. Rock and roll (is are) a style of music that originated in America in the 1950s. verb is
Stars and stripes (is are painted all over Jessica's toy box. verb are
Purebred dogs and cats (is are) registered with the Kennel Club. Verb are
My friend and classmate (writes write) me a letter whenever she has time. Verb writes
Racquetball and soccer (is are) very fast-moving sports. verb are
(was Were) your sister and brother at the party, too? verb were
What (do does) your parents and friends think about your new haircut? Verb do
My atlas and textbook (is are) out of date already! Verb are
Agreement with intervening phrases. One of the boxes (is are) open. subject boxes...Verb is
The woman with all the dogs (walks walk) down my street each morning. subject woman ...verb walks
The team captain as well as his players, (is are) anxious about the big game. subject captain...verb is
The statistics from the research project (was were) upsetting. subject statistics...verb were
Students from the other school (is are) on our bus. subject students...verb are
The CD's, along with the scratched one, (is are) in the box in the living room. subject CD's...verb are
A last minute trip to all of the grocery stores (was were0 necessary to find the special ingredient. subject trip... verb was
The musicians, as well as the director, (wants want) to play the complicated piece. subject musicians...verb want
The hearts.he story about the missing bears (touches touch) many students hearts. subject story ...verb touches
The mother of all the kittens (sleeps sleep) by the window in the sunshine. subject mother ...verb sleeps
The winners of the nobel Peace prize (is are) excited about the award. subject winners... verb are
The movie, including all the previews, (takes take) about two hours to watch. subject movie... verb takes
The man with all the birds (lives live) on my block. subject man... verb lives
The Prime Minister, together witah his wife, (greets greet) the guests promptly at seven. subject Prime Minister... verb greets
One dollar coins, along with the two dollar bill, (is are) difficult to find. subject coins... verb are
Created by: cristina marie
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