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word list: 21


gainsay deny
gall bitterness;nerve//annoy;chafe
galleon large sailing ship
galvanize stimulate by shock;stir up;revitalize
gambit opening in ches in which a piece is sacrificed
gambol romp;skip about;leap playfully
gamely in a spirited manner;courageous
gamut entire range
garbled mixed up;jumbled;distorted
gargantuan huge;enormous
gargoyle watersprout carved in a gortesque figures of a building
garish overbright in color;gaudy(showy)
garner gather;store up
gauche clumsy;coarse;uncouth
gaunt lean & angular;barren
gavel hammerlike tool;mallet
gawk stare foolishly;open-mouthed awe
genealogy record of descent;lineage
geniality cheerfulness;kindliness;sympathy
genre particular variety of art or literature
genteel well-bred;elegant
gentility those of gentle birth;refinement
gentry well born;aristrocacy;upper/ruling class
genuflect bend the knee as in worship
germane pertinent(particular)
gerontocracy govt ruled by old ppl
gerrymander change voting district lines in order to favor a political party
gesticulation gesture;motion
gibberish nonsense;babbling
gibe mock
gingerly careful
glean gather leavings slowly n bit by bit after reaping
glib flunet;facile;slick
gloat express evil satisfaction;view malevolently
gloss over explain away(treat hurriedly or avoid dealing with properly )
glower sullen/angry look,stare;scowl;frown
glut overstock;fill to excess
glutton someone who eats too much
gnarled twisted
gnome dwarf;underground spirit
gorge stuff oneself
gossamer sheer;like cobwebs;thin light fabric
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