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Conjunctions and Sen


A sentence that contains one principal clause and one or more subordinate clauses. Complex Sentence
A clause that does not express a complete thought. Subordinate Clause
A clause that expresses a complete thought. Principal Clause
A sentence that contains one suject and one predicate,either of which may be compound. Simple Sentence
A group of words that contains both a suject and a predicate. Clause
A sentence that contains one or more principal clauses. Compund Sentence
A group of word that does NOT contain a sujuect and a predicate. Phrase
The words and,but,or,nor, and yet are all examples of.......conjuunctions. Coordinate
The words after,althought,unless,while,when,if and because are all examples of........conjunctions. Suborinate
The words however,furthermore,later,consequently,neverthelss,and therefore are all examples of conjunctions that are called..... Conjunctive adverbs
Conjunctions that come in pairs {for example,both...and,neither..nor,not only...but also} are called.......conjunctions. Correlative
The words who,whose,whom,which, and that are examples of...... Relative Pronouns
The ship passed through the canal,AND it sailed out to sea. Coordinate Conjuction
Joel gave me the book BECAUSE I borrowed it every week. Subordinate Conjuction
She enjoeds going to the movies;HOWEVER,she prefers a live play. Conjunctive Adverb
Unless I hear OTHERWISE,I will take the bus today. Subordinate Conjunction.
BOTH my mother AND my father are great cooks. Correlative Conjunction
Cats do not like water,THEREFORE,you should never give a cat a bath. Conjunctive Adverb
Lynne can sing AND dance. Coordinate Conjunction
IF, I knew the words,I could sing along. Subordinate Conjunction
James went home AFTER the dance was over. Subordinate Conjunction
I try to get enough sleep;NEVERTHELESS,I am always tired. Conjunctive Adverb
PUNCTUATING SENTENCES: Until you have finished your chores you cannot watch TV CHORES, TV.
PUNCTUATING SENTENCES: The horse jumped the fence consequently it ran away FENCE; CONSEQUENTLY, AWAY.
PUNCTUATING SENTENCES: I cannot talk right now I will explain later NOW; LATER.
PUNCTUATING SENTENCES: I want to go swimming but it is in the middle of winter SWIMMING, WINTER.
PUNCTUATING SENTENCES: She began to laugh when I slipped on the ice ICE.
IDENTIFYING SUBORDINATE CONJUNCIONS AND CLAUSES: The poem thata she wrote has been entered into the contest. THAT..Subordinate Conjuction SHE WROTE...Subordinate clause
IDENTIFYINY SUBORINATE CONJUNCTIONS AND CLASUES: Although the movie was interesting,I would not watch it again. ALTHOUGH...Suboratinate Conjunction THE MOVIE WAS INTERESTING...Subordinate Clause
IDENTIFYING SUBORINATE CONJUNCTIONS AND CLAUSES: I will give him money for the food when he delivers it. WHEN...Suborinate Conjunction HE DELIVERS IT.....Subordinate Clause
IDENTIFYING SUBORDINATE CONJUNCTIONS AND CLAUSES: The family that moved in next door has ninteen birds and forty-two cats. THAT...Subordinste Conjuction MOVED IN NEXT DOOR....Subordinate Clause
IDENTIFYING SUBORDINATE CONJUNCTIONS AND CLAUSE: He was able to assemble the model even though the instructions were wrong. EVEN THOUGH...Subordinate Clause THE INSTRUCTIONS WERE WRONG....Subordinate Clasue
IDENTIFYING SUBORDINATE CONJUNCTIONS AND CLASUES: IF there is enough time,we can go to the mall. IF...Suboradinate Conjunction THERE IS ENOUGH TIME...Subordinate Clause
IDENTIFYING SUBORDINATE CONJUCTIONS AND CLASUES: You must wash the car since it is your turn. SINCE...Subordinate Conjunction IT IS YOUR TURN...Subordinate Clause
SENTENCE TYPES: SIMPLE SENTENCE,COMPOUND SENTENCE,COMPLEX SENTENCE...... A hurricane began to form; it soon headed for the Louisiana coast. Compound Sentence
SENTENCE TYPES:SIMPLE SENTENCE,COMPOUND SENTENCE,COMPLEX SENTENCE.......The reporter ran over and asked a question. Simple Sentence
SENTENCE TYPES: SIMPLE SENTENCE,COMPOUND SENTENCE,COMPLEX SENTENCE..........I watched for an hour,but the man did not return. Compound Sentence
SENTENCE TYPES:SIMPLE SENTENCE,COMPOUND SENTENCE,COMPLEX SENTENCE.....When Chloe opened the front door,the cat ran into the house. Complex Sentence
SENTENCE TYPES: SIMPLE SENTENCE,COMPOUND SENTENCE,COMPLEX SENTENCE.....Dad wants to go out for dinner;however,Mom already started to cook. Compound Sentence
SENTENCE TYPES:SIMPLE SENTENCE,COMPOUND SENTENCE,COMPLEX SENTENCE........Since a bat cannot see,it must sense its prey. Complex Sentence
SENTENCE TYPES: SIMPLE SENTENCE,COMPOUND SENTENCE,COMPLEX SENTENCE.....The dog returned to the house when she whistled. Complex Sentence
SENTENCE TYPES: SIMPLE SENTENCE,COMPOUND SENTENCE,COMPLEX SENTENCE......The water was deep enough,yet he was afraid to jump in. Compound Sentence
SENTENCE TYPES: SIMPLE SENTENCE,COMPOUND SENTENCE,COMPLEX SENTENCE......Both hard coal and soft coal are mined in Pennsylvania. Simple Sentence
SENTENCE TYPES: SIMPLE SENTENCE,COMPOUND SENTENCE,COMPLEX SENTENCE....I will help you with the project provided you do the research. Complex Sentence
SENTENCE TYPES: SIMPLE SENTENCE,COMPOUND SENTENCE,COMPLEX SENTENCE.....Although she is fictitious,Rosie the Riveter played an important role in World War II. Complex Sentence
SENTENCE TYPES: SIMPLE SENTENCE,COMPOUND SENTENCE,COMPLEX SENTENCE.....Not only baseball but also hockey are played in Philadelphia. Simple Sentence
To create a compound sentence,you can use a.....or a......or a..... Correlative Compound Semicolon
To punctuate a conjunctive adverb correctly,you must insert a......before the conjunctive adverb and a ..... after it. SEMI COLON COMMA
Created by: cristina marie
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