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7th grade Literature

Plot,Chaacter,Setting,Theme Test

The fastest girl in the neighborhood Squeaky
The devil Sam
The female trapeze artist Sue Ellen
A very nervous muskrat Chuchundra
A man who runs the Circus Tony
A dusty brown snake Karait
A boy with inflammatory rheumatism Walter
Squeaky's brother Raymond
A young,British boy in India Teddy
Sqeaky's competition Gretchen
Write the Litery term for:The underlying meaning in a story is called its Theme
Write the Litery term for: A character thtat is involved in most of the events,is the center of the story,and is thoroughly developed by the author is called a........character. Major
Write the Litery term for:A pattern of related events selected by the author to present and resolve some internal or external conflict is called the..... Plot
write the Litery term for: A character that comes in and out of the story,andis only partially developed,is called a.......character. Minor
Write the Litery term for:The atmosphere or feeling within a work of art is called..... Setting
Write the Litery term for:The time,place,and general environment in which the events of a story occur are called the story's....... Setting
Write the Litery term for: The author may describe physical appearance,speech,actions,inner thoughts,and attititudes,or reactions to others to develop a story's..... Problem
A story reaches its conclusion when the....... disappears. Problem
The setting is important because it makes the story Believable
One of the most common themes in literature is Love can overcome evil
....... and...... are examples of main characters in the stories we've read so far this year. Tony Angeli and Sam Angeli
Would the story " Rikki-tikki-tavi" be believable if the setting were in Bethlehem,Pennsylvania? Explain. The snake lives in the woods and that's that the type of environment in Bethlehem,Pennsylvania.So,I would have to say it wouldn't be more believable if it was set in Bethlehem,Pennsylvania.
What does Mr.Pearson suggest to Squeaky in the story "Raymond's Run." He suggests for her to let someone else win the race.
How does Tommy affect the action of the story"Monsters are Due on Maple Street"?
What makes Sam Angeli unique? Sam Angeli trys to take Tony's soul away from him.
An author can develop a character many different ways.Name at least 3 ways an author can develop character. An author can develop a character by describing their Physical Appearance,Inner Thoughts or Actions.
in the story,"Stolen Day," the author imagines that he has inflammatory rheumatism.Why? He was jealous that the other boy got more attention because he had inflammatory rheumatism.
Why is it important for the setting of "Monsters are Due on Maple Street ' to be quite ordinary? The story is interesting and they don't want to give that all away in the title.....NEED TO READ AGAIN FOR MORE DETAIL.
What is the theme of the story "the Fallen Angel?" The theme is love can concur evil.
in the story,"Stolen Day," the narrator experiences what type of conflict? Internal Conflict
STORY MAP....... Bottom:TRIGGER EVENTS.....Going upward:Building Events.......Top Hill:Climax.....Down...CONCLUSION
Created by: cristina marie