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Bud,Not Buddy

Literature ...Sept test

Gives Bud his old saxophone case Steady Eddie
The most beautiful woman in the world Miss Thomas
Bud's mother Angela
A Librarian Miss Hill
The mean boy who attacks Bud Todd Amos
Bud's Grandfather Herman Calloway
The first girl Bud ever Kissed Deza
Sends a telegram to Herman Lefty Lewis
Bud (not Buddy) Sleepy LaBone
The white member of the band Dirty Deeds
Bugs shoves a pencil up Bud's nose. False
Bud thinks Miss Thomas is amazing. True
The Amos family turns out to be a great foster family. False
Bud was never able to catch the train. True
Bud was orphaned at age 3. False
Bud goes to the Library the first time to get help from Ms.Hill
Bud compares his idea that Herman L.Calloway is his father to: the seed of a maple tree
How long was Bud an Orphan? 4 years
What instrument does the band give Bud? Saxophone
What did todd Amos do to Bud that upset Bud? Todd Amos upset Bud by sticking a TICONDEROGA pencil up his nose all the way to the end.
What items does Bud carry in his suitcase(name all Four) Picture, flashlight ,blanket,flyer
Why does Bud think Lefty Lewis is a vampire? He had a box of human blood in the back of his car.
Why is Bud so protective of his name? Bud is protective because his mom told him that Bud is a Dog's name and his mom told him that they are lyers.
What did bud start doing at the table in the restuarant ? Why? He felt he had finally found a home and a family.
Why does Mr.Calloway collect rocks? What does he write on them? His daughter asked him to. He writes the name of the places he was and the dates where the band plays to remember where they played.
How does the band create Bud's name? what does it mean? He slept in till noon That's for "Sleepy" and he was skinninf like a bone.They also wanted to make it sound French so they made it "LaBone."
What does Miss Thomas give Bud that is so special to him? Miss Thomas gave Bud a brand new picture of his mom and she is smiling in the picture.
From Bud's behavior,manners, and memories,what kind of parent do you think his mother was? Why? I think she was a great mother at the time ,because she was always by his side.
What was Bud's mother full name? Angela Janel Cadwell
When the family helps Bud get into the line for breakfast,what do they call him? Clarence
Bugs and Bud search for a "town" called Hooperville.What is it's real name? Hooverville
Who is the town named for? President Hoover
Created by: cristina marie
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