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Chapter 2 grade 7


The Bible Has: One author and many authors
The Dictation Theory of Inspiration: Holds that God dictated each word of the Bible to human authors
To take every word of the Bible literally is to: All of the above....Distort God's message,Misunderstand God's deeper meaning and Confuse truths of faith with truths of science and history
In the Bible: There are no errors about the truths of faith
Both the Old and New Testaments: Are sacred and canonical
One Gospel account that was Not included in the Bible is: The Gospel of Thomas
The term inspiration means: to Breathe
The Church chose the 73 books of the canon for their: Authority
According to the Dogmatic Constitution of Divine Revelation,God revealed Himself: To the Israelites and Apostolic Community
The Books in the Bible express: Apostolic traditions and origins
Books for the New Testament began appearing: In the 2nd Century
The Bible is considered the Church's book because: All of the above.....The Church assembled the books,Passed the Bible down and Interprets the books
The Christian writer,Tertullian, first used the phrase....... In the New Testament
The official list of biblical books is called.... Canon of the Sacred Scripture
Divine Inspiration means that the Bible was written under the influence of the... Holy Spirit
In 1962, the ........Council wrote a document called the Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation to clarify how God revealed himself to us. Second Vacatan
The Bible comes from....and......the church. The Church ....Serves
God-as-assistant theory human beings are the only authors of the bible.God simply prevented human authors from falling into errors.
Stict Fundamentalism The Bible Should be interpreted literally,word for word.There are no deeper meanings in the Bible.
Dictation Theory of Inspiration God alone is the author of the Bible.God simply dictated everything to human authors.
Later-approval theory The Bible was written in the same method as any other book. When the Bible was received by the Church,it was accepted by the Holy Spirit.
Copernicus,a 16th century astronomer,upset many people when he stated his theory that...
Are the Letters of Ignatius of Antioch in the Bible NO
Created by: cristina marie
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